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A Difficult Year Behind, Still A Year To Come By Carlos Olabe, Executive Director W

hen we started the year 2020, a full set of good perspectives was present.

The organization for the 30th EICF International Conference in Austria was well advanced and the theme on “Digital Transformation on Investment Casting” had proven as really suggestive, having attracted many speakers from different parts of Europe and America and also many advanced registrations from delegates and a full pack for exhibitors. It was a this same time that we started to receive some news from our colleagues at CICBA (China Investment Casting Branch Association) which is based in Wuhan providing us with an early information of what was going on there. Whilst we were observing with great concern the evolution of the breakout in China we were far away to recognize yet the full impact the pandemic was bringing forward to the whole world. Suddenly, we had to recognize

that the levels of certainty in which our society and businesses developed their activity was no longer like that. In this scenario it was necessary to

12 ❘ December 2020 ®

modify the way we interact with the EICF stakeholders so as to redefine the services provided to members, bit by bit we discover that the crisis was bound to be long and we had to deal with cancellations and postponements, implementing new platforms for communication disseminating

among technical Board of Directors

members, knowledge

and brand awareness via the Webinar Series, incorporating virtual solutions for


Committee Meetings and General assembly meetings. An important aspect per our members were to have an early understanding of the crisis effect into the sector and as consequence Surveys were put forward and Market Studies made to provide a picture for decision takers in the IC companies about the impact, effects and measures taken by companies.

All in all, we are now somehow adapted to this virtual world of staying in touch, but business recovery is another question and uncertainty still remains there, while going through a second pandemic wave. Fortunately, prospective at year end is becoming

more positive with the published results from different vaccines and vaccination being started in some parts of the world and in Europe. What will be the outcome of year 2021? is the question more prominent in our mind when going through the year change period. Let us be confident that with the help of the research made by the Health companies, conventional way of living and interacting could come back to our society and the associated effect shall be bringing the IC companies back to recover activity and order books. Clearly within the many things that we have learn from this crisis some will remain, and virtual interrelationship shall be used more and with more confidence and effectiveness. EICF shall be looking at this as an opportunity to provide better services for members and stakeholders and in this sense the year 2021 set of activities has been planned. Finally, this is an opportunity to wish you, health and peace through the Xmas season. We can expect with confidence that we all shall be facing a year 2021 as a year of improvement and recovery.

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