supervisors, and employees as well. Managers and supervisors must know how to respond to union organizing activity legally and effectively if it arises. They must also sufficiently understand unions to be able to respond to potential employee questions. Providing truthful information

to employees about the

effects of unionization is never a wasted effort. It enables employees to make an educated decision on a critical workplace issue that could dramatically affect them and the company. Employers should also consider taking steps to help make your workplace and workforce as resistant to the union message as possible. A few simple and straightforward actions could help in this regard. It is a documented fact that employees who feel appreciated by their employers and who feel they are in the information loop about workplace matters are generally much less inclined to succumb to the union appeal. Many employers have also found that periodic all-employee meetings or “town halls”

About the Author Richard D. Alaniz is a partner at Alaniz Law & Associates, PLLC, a labor and employment firm based in Houston. He has been at the forefront of labor and employment law for over forty years, including stints with the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board. Rick is a prolific writer on labor and employment law and conducts frequent seminars to client companies and trade associations across the country. Questions about this article, or requests to subscribe to receive Rick’s monthly articles, can be addressed to Rick at (281) 833-2200 or

provide a good opportunity to share information and listen to employee concerns. Similarly, a truly effective “Open Door” policy where there are no repercussions for sharing issues and concerns, reduces the likelihood that those employees will seek a union.

Employers will be dealing with a

pro-union Biden administration that will support a reinvigorated union movement and enforce and expand workplace laws. Now is the time to prepare to effectively respond.

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