Dr. Artemis Morris Launches New Book for Immune Support

r. Morris is launching, "A Naturo- pathic Doctor's Guide to Well- ness for Immune Support." This book uses the principles of Naturopathic Medicine to provide you and your family with safe and natural ways to protect and enhance your health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are currently no scientifi cally approved broad-spectrum antivirals or immuno- therapies available to prevent or treat global pandemics. Because of this, it is even more imperative that we do all


YMCA of Greater Hartford 19th Annual Kids to Camp

Golf Tournament to take place July 15, 2020 T

we can to prevent disease by taking care of ourselves naturally. This includes correcting any nutrient defi ciencies which compro- mise our health, following protocols which support our immune system’s ability to respond to illness, and keeping ourselves out of the hospital by reducing the danger of viral transmission. This approach offers a combination of traditional knowledge and wis- dom from holistic therapies alongside the latest breakthroughs in evidence-based medicine as well as clinical experience gained by healthcare professionals.

James Maskell, Founder of The Functional Forum and author

of the Evolution of Medicine writes, "A passion for truly help- ing people meshed with booksmarts that drives her intellectual rigour, makes her a wonderful ambassador for her profession. At the exact moment when we are looking for compassionate female leadership, I am really grateful to see Dr. Artemis Morris stepping up to lead her community towards their birthright of health, resilience and vitality. Enjoy the book, share the wisdom with those you care about."

A free resource from her book on diet and natural medicines is available at See ad on page 9.

he YMCA of Greater Hartford will host the 19th Annual Kids to Camp Golf Tournament at Ellington Ridge Country Club on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. The Tournament is an annual

fundraiser for the YMCA of Greater Hartford and supports sending youth to summer camp.

With Governor Lamont’s announcement that summer camp is able to open on June 22nd, the Y’s top priority is to provide a safe and healthy camp experience that is affordable for families. We know there will be a great desire for kids to get outside, socialize, and be active. Summer camp remains the perfect place for kids to make friends, build confi dence and develop character. Now more than ever, parents will have a greater need for fi nan- cial assistance in order to afford summer camp. By participating in the golf tournament, individuals can help assure that summer camp at the Y remains strong and accessible to all. Last year, the golf tournament raised $90,000 which provided fi nancial assis- tance to over 300 youth to have a life-changing experience at a YMCA overnight or day camp.

The tournament includes a grab-and-go lunch, on-course games and contests including a chance to win a Land Rover. El- lington Ridge and the Y will observe social distancing measures during the golf tournament and will follow guidelines set forth by the CDC and the State of Connecticut regarding golf cart usage, number of players on the course, and social gatherings.

To sponsor or participate in the golf tournament or for more infor- mation visit

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