Are you SICK from feeling SICK TIRED of being TIRED

Do you go from H toere There with NO Results at all?

IMAGINE the possibilities of a machine that provides detailed information on your Cellular Health ~

IMAGINE receiving answers to many years of Health Issues ~

This is possible with the Bio-Tracker system which Bear Walker, Holistic Practitioner helped develop in a project at NASA!

Adrenal Glands Thyroid Glands Pituitary Gland Throat Ears

The Bio-Tracker checks the following.... Endocrine System Sinus

Circulatory System Stomach

Small Intestines Large Intestines Ileocecal Valve Lungs

Ess. Fatty Acids Skin

Inhale Allergies Body Organs

Fibrous Tissue

Joints Spleen

Carbohydrate Metabolism

~ Bear Walker ~ Holistic Practitioner 3 Waterville Road Farmington, CT 06032 by appointment only

860-384-1527 Office visits

Heart Liver

Gallbladder Urinary Bladder

Pancreas Kidney

Food Allergies

Reproductive System

....and much more if needed!

Metals ~ Chemicals ~ Bacteria ~ Viruses ~ Hormones ~ Neurotransmitters Mold ~ Vitamins ~ Minerals ~ Candida ~ ATP ~ GeoPathic Stress etc.

Nervous System Lymph System

6th chakra relates to your intuition or your 3rd eye. Fi- nally – here I had great movement. She told me I have big intuition and make good decisions about my life. I was so excited, until she said, “However, you’re only using 30% of your talent.” More work to be done.

7th chakra relates to your connection to spirit. I thought

for sure this would be clear – but nope! Agnes said I had many questions about the universe and understanding what’s true and what’s not true. I couldn’t agree more with this – especially with what we’re all experiencing now. She told me the energy on the planet is rising so fast that we don’t have time to adjust. We don’t know what to believe because so much is happening. She said I also needed to learn to ask for help and support in connecting with spirit. My mindset is too focused on doing things myself and not needing any help. Yes, this is definitely true.

Then we moved on to Agnes doing a medical scan.

This was really amazing. She asked me if I had any problem with my knees. Well, interestingly enough, two weeks prior I was out running and I tripped and fell right on my knees. She said energetically knees are my weakness, and that was something to watch.

Next, she pulled five angel cards to complete the read-

ing. Again – no surprises here, the accuracy was amazing and exactly in line with my chakra reading.

1.Support card: the message - you can’t do it yourself, you need to ask for help.

2.Feminine energy card: the message – open your heart with love and creativity.

3.Imagination card: the message – you have to visualize, put the full plan into pictures to put yourself in motion.

4.Unfinished symphony: the message – you have a soul lesson in relationships.

5.Building foundation: the message - focus on your 1st chakra, build a new foundation for life with the imprints of your new dreams.

Agnes ended my session and told me I have amazing

potential. Although I might feel like I’m living in a shadow, I will come out of it and the energy is big this year for man- ifestation and creativity. I have to say Agnes is by far one of the best intuitives I have ever worked with. Her energy is beautiful and loving and she is so passionate about what she does. This was truly a gift for me and I would encour- age anyone struggling with life choices or health concerns to reach out to her. She is an angel!

Agnes Daddona, MS of Intuitive Counseling – Holistic Spa. Readings, healing sessions, and Angel Workshops are available at this time by phone or via Zoom. To learn more or book on- line please visit: 860.941.2667

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