ummer is fi nally here – what a trip it’s been. Normally, I’m so excited for this time of year because it means warmer weather, fresh fruits and

veggies, farm to table dinners, festivals and time spent on the beach or at a lake. This year will certainly be different in that I most likely won’t be traveling much and many events have already been cancelled through fall. There are still many things to be grateful for – one being we

just launched our 3rd publication, Essential Naples ( in Naples, Florida. Yes – in the midst of a pandemic, but we got it off the ground thanks to some amazing holistic practitioners and business owners who saw our vision. And the Natural Nutmeg 10BEST Awards are right around the corner!

Our annual reader-nominated 10Best Awards have been a huge hit with thousands of readers voting last year! It brought a ton of awareness for Holistic Businesses and Natural Nutmeg throughout the state and we received amazing feedback from the winners and readers. Many business owners in categories like Natural Product Companies, Spas, and Farm-to-Table restaurants said they just discovered the magazine and didn’t realize their customers were avid readers and fans. Because of this we were able to increase our advertiser demographic and distribution!

As a Natural Nutmeg reader, you will have the opportunity to nominate

your favorite holistic practitioner or business in 20 categories listed on the full-page ad on the inside back cover. Nominations will take place between Aug. 15th – Sept. 15th through an online survey tool – fi nd the link in the ad. Winners will be announced in late September. We will be showcasing the 10BEST in each category in a special additional issue released in December 2020. This issue will also include articles, ads, business profi les and a holistic practitioner directory that you can keep and use for all of 2021.

Don’t miss our great articles this month on healthy aging, natural therapies for anxiety in kids, summer skincare tips, and treatments for stress and anxiety due to COVID-19. And speaking of summer - when is the last time you let loose and had some serious fun? It’s something we all defi nitely need right now. Can you remember the last time you were on a swing, threw a Frisbee, body surfed the waves at the beach? These are truly life’s greatest pleasures for a kid, why not an adult? With more time to ourselves now, spend time with good friends, play a sport you love, dance with your children, watch a funny movie or jump on that swing. Play is something that we should engage in on a daily basis even if only for a short period of time. It’s summertime – the perfect time to really let loose and enjoy ourselves. Remember, part of the reason we are here in this lifetime is to have all different kinds of experiences, having fun and playing being one of them. You should incorporate play into your life for your entire lifetime. Find one thing you love to do that brings you joy and makes you laugh and do it today!

In Health and Happiness,

ur mission is to provide valuable in- sight, information and resources that will allow our readers to maintain a healthy, active, sustainable lifestyle. Natural Nutmeg contains timely in for ma tion on nat u ral health, complementary and alternative medicine, nu tri- tion, fi tness, per son al growth, green liv ing, and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.



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