“Well,” I replied, after careful pause to select my

words, still trying to digest my own response and surprise at what I did, which seemed to rise from a deeper memory stored in the ancient, collective DNA of the room, “we drew an imaginary line together, didn’t we? So, I just took out an imaginary eraser and erased the imaginary line.”

It was an automatic response that came from beyond

thought. It was instinctive, like something an animal might do, to rewind and access the point before separation ever began, rather than to cleverly employ habitual approaches that seemed often to repeat history rather than transcend it.

I was reminded that day of the mythic Garden story held precious by Judeo-Christian culture. Eden was the place where self-awareness dawned (along with fear) after eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was the ultimate metaphor that traced how human beings moved from living in harmony with nature in the land of “And” to the land of “Or,” from which the story of separation has radiated ever since. Now it’s sped up to meet us in the garden of 2020, where “we’re in it together” has become the buzz phrase in a year of uncer- tainty, suffering, protest and imposed change.

At this halfway point of summer, maybe it’s time to dig

beneath the layers of human-centric falsehood to expose even a peek of the well hidden paradise. Maybe it’s time that the land of And and Or call us home to our rightful place in the garden, without trading the gifts of distinction, difference and self-apart-from-other awareness.

Time will certainly tell. But maybe, just maybe, as the sun rewinds and days inch shorter again, 20/20 vision will be restored so we can finally reclaim our rightful place in the garden. After all, we’re in it together.

Pat Heavren, MHSA, is a coach, consultant, mediator and educator whose passion is help- ing others to grow their personal vitality and professional leadership by aligning with the wisdom of the natural world. She is the author of Magic in Plain Sight: When Acceptance is

the Healing and is former senior teaching faculty with the Four Winds Society’s International School of Energy Medi- cine. Pat has led workshops across the US, Canada and Latin America and works worldwide with clients via Zoom from her Woodbridge, CT office. She can be reached at and 203.444.4424 for appointments. See ad on page 16.

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