THE BUZZ Open Safely in the COVID-19 World

strives to enhance your health and re- duce your risk for contracting disease. Our offi ces are carefully sanitized and cleaned and our staff who have all tested negative for COVID-19, will be wearing protective equipment.

D You will have your temperature

taken before you are seen by the doctor or have any treatment administered. You must wear a mask. If you come to the offi ce without one, we will provide it to you when you enter our facil- ity. Coming to the offi ce is optional. If you prefer to stay close to home, you can receive medical care over the phone. The consul- tation is scheduled as an uninterrupted medical encounter, just as is done when you are in the offi ce.

The status of the health of your immune system may make the difference between contracting a mild illness which quickly passes, versus having a serious medical condition develop. Some of the methods we advise include: Intravenous Vitamin C and Glutathione; this is a powerful immune enhancement tool. Peptides can optimize the functions of the body’s T and B cells; crucial to the body’s ability to fi ght viruses and other external invaders. Nutrients and herbs; Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium and many of nature's plants can benefi t your immune status.

Dr. Henry Sobo, MD, is the Medical Director of Optimal Health Medical, LLC in Stamford. For more information, or call 203.348.8805. See ad on page 18.

The Richness of Divorce: 7 Steps to Unwind Your Marriage with Love and Grace


his book is about changing the way we perceive divorce and the approach you can take while navigating through

this very diffi cult process. Divorce does not have to be devasting. Instead of perceiving it as a failure, you will fi nd out how to honor the gifts it provides you. You will activate the power of intention to launch into the next phase of your life, navigating your divorce

with love and grace. Transform a breakup into a beautiful turning point that leaves you richer emotionally.

You will discover how to choose a positive and loving

perspective throughout the divorce process, cultivate your wisdom and power by tapping into the Seven Chakras, use effective healing tools to reduce anxiety and stress, and co-parent lovingly for your children’s security.

Sylvia Guinan, MBA, CDFA has been a Financial Advisor for over 20 years. She is a Certifi ed Divorce Financial Analyst and practices yoga and meditation daily. She believes in choosing how we navigate through challenging situations. She has helped many through divorce and believes it does not have to be a sad ending, instead it could be a new positive beginning.

6 Natural Nutmeg - July/August 2020

• Boost productivity • Inspire confidence • Promote leadership Jumpstart your success and mobility in your career

with Executive Coaching from Dr. Sherry Kelly.

Begin your new journey by bringing the best out of you in the workplace and energizing your career with the unique power of Positive Psychology. Get results for you and your team!

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Invest in Yourself – Earn Your Master’s Degree at Goodwin University

or that we’re too busy to do something for our own benefi t. Fulfi ll- ing others’ needs takes precedence over our own, and it’s time for a change. At Goodwin University, we offer graduate programs designed for working professionals in Education, Organizational Leadership, Public Health, and Nursing. We know our students and understand that life is a balancing act. That’s why we offer graduate degree programs that are fl exible, career focused, and affordable, with supports and resources when and where you need them.


Students come to Goodwin because we break down ob- stacles to higher education. You will leave here with the skillset, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to be successful as well as the confi dence needed to fl ourish in your career and future endeavors. At Goodwin University, we are invested in the continued success of our students. We believe that you deserve great support services and resources to help you achieve your goals. As a Goodwin graduate student, you will never be left to fend for yourself. We will help you through each step of your journey — academically, personally, and professionally.

Fall semester classes start September 8. Contact us today! 800.889.3282. See ad on page 36.

any of us tend to put ourselves on the back burner. We may feel that we’re not deserving

r. Henry Sobo, MD, a leader in Integrative & Natural Medicine for nearly 30 years


Career Counseling with Dr. Sherry Kelly in Connecticut, Florida, and New York

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