Solutions for Sleep Apnea

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If your breathing was suffi ciently deep enough, then you would not make a rapid inhalation, suck your soft palate into the airway and snort; disturbing your sleep. The appropriate solution is to accentuate (increase) the ability of the brain to com- municate with the diaphragm so that you breathe deeply and steadily throughout the night.

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Sure it is benefi cial to strengthen the muscles of the soft palate. Yes, it is ad- vantageous to reduce muscular tension in the neck. Both of these things will make a noticeable improvement in the condition. In fact, some foods like wheat products and cheese should not be eaten near to bed time as they can cause congestion which aggravates the condition. However, the most dramatic impact can be made by the administration of just a few common herbs.

Lobellia when used in small doses,

acts as a respiratory stimulant. It has been used for thousands of years to treat respi- ratory conditions. This herb, when taken before bed, can actually increase the quies- cent level of respiration suffi ciently so as to avert the dangerous drop in blood oxygen level that occurs upon muscular inhibi- tion. It can maintain deep steady breathing throughout the stage 2 sleep period.

Thyme has traditionally been used to

enhance pleural activity. It actually im- proves the ability of the lungs to exchange CO2 for oxygen and makes an excellent contribution to maintaining suffi cient respiratory amplitude.

Chamomile aids the subject in relax-

ing and Cramp Bark helps the upper trapezius muscles to relax.

This combination of herbs taken be- fore bed has been demonstrated to relieve sleep apnea in most cases.

Steven Frank has been researching respiratory infection therapy for 15 years, holds three patents in this area and has conducted research at the Institute for

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