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Prestigious role for college governor

The vice-chair of the board of governors at Burton and South Derbyshire College, Rajinder Kaur Mann, has been appointed to the prestigious role of West Midland’s Deputy Lieutenant. In her new role, she will support the Lord

Lieutenant in being the Queen’s representative across the West Midlands with a specific focus on her home city of Wolverhampton. She will also undertake various public duties

in promoting voluntary, charitable and youth activities in the region. The West Midlands is the second largest

Lieutenancy in the country and is committed to developing diversity and working with local communities to drive social cohesion.

‘This is a great achievement for my family and community, and marks the success and recognition of migrant communities’

Rajinder said: “It is a great privilege and

honour to be appointed to this role and to serve the West Midlands and, particularly, my hometown of Wolverhampton. “The Sikh faith has an intrinsic value of ‘seva’ (meaning service) and I hope that this role will enable me to serve the region representing the Lieutenancy in reaching and connecting with the wider community, raising awareness and promoting good causes.

Prestigious role: Rajinder Kaur Mann

“On a personal note for me this is a great

achievement for my family and community, and marks the success and recognition of migrant communities who have served in the West Midlands for generations. “My late father, Bhag Singh Mann, who came

to Wolverhampton in 1954 and worked in the Steel Industry would have been so proud of this honour. “My mum, Ajit Kaur Mann and children, Aman

and Piran are delighted that through this role I can do what I love best - continuing to serve and support individuals, organisations and communities across the West Midlands to positive effect.”

Help for stressed designers

A Midands graphic designer who unexpectedly became an ‘agony aunt’ for her clients has launched an innovative coaching programme. Vicki Lovegrove (pictured), of Burton-based

Seventy-three Design, said she was shocked at how much clients were sharing their troubles with her. She said she decided to take

action to help stressed-out business owners, particularly in the creative sector, as this is a group for whom mental health issues loom large. Ms Lovegrove has introduced what

she’s calling her ‘Vision’ programme, to help creative business owners find a balanced working life. Vicki, who has been in business for 17 years

and worked in the creative industries for 30 years, said: “Over the years I have seen creative people thrive when doing the creative work, but when they have to transition, unsupported, into

running a business, or a new leadership role they can neglect being creative and that is when work can start to have a significant negative effect on their emotional health. “According to a latest study by study

by the Office of National Statistics, people who work in creative roles are up to four times more likely to take their own life. By adding the pressure that running a business brings, however rewarding, this can sometimes overwhelm. “There is no shame in asking for help,

sometimes it just takes confiding in someone who knows your industry and is prepared to listen with no judgement, to overcome the issues and push forward with the business. Vicki adds: “Using my unique Vision

programme along with other tools, business owners can feel supported and able to take their businesses further.”

Carol Alford: helping junior golfers

Golf club appoints juniors organiser

Branston Golf & Country Club has appointed one of its long standing members as its new juniors organiser. The role has gone to Carol Alford, a non-

executive director at England Golf and a mental toughness coach who works with individuals and teams from a wide range of backgrounds. She said: “With my background in mental

coaching and development I'm bringing new skills to this role and last year created an holistic approach to preparing people to playing golf. I’ve developed a plan that will take complete beginners right through to elite players to improve how they play golf. “It can be used by any ability and any

age, and this year we'll be launching it with the juniors,” said Carol, whose son Tom was last year's juniors captain. Branston is keen to encourage new

golfers to the sport and is a centre of excellence for Girls Golf Rocks, Golf Sixes and Get Into Golf initiatives promoted by England Golf and the Golf Foundation. The club works with many nearby local authority and public schools, attracting hundreds of girls and boys each year to taster sessions. The club runs its Junior Golf Pathway &

Passport programme, aimed at juniors of all ages and abilities, and which takes complete beginners on a journey to playing golf. Starting with the basics and going right through to playing elite golf, it uses an holistic approach that takes the technical aspects of the game and incorporates mental strength, fitness and nutrition training to the complete the player’s development. Branston managing director Ben Laing

said: “We’re delighted that Carol is our new Juniors organiser. Her passion for golf and skills as a life coach are unrivalled and will bring an exciting new dimension to our juniors development at Branston attracting youngsters to learn a new sport and meet friends once the present lockdown is over.”


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