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the types of benefits

consumers can expect from their sleep accessories. The new Ceramo pillow is made with a unique bio ceramic gel coating that utilizes far infrared technology to help support the body’s recovery abilities. Sprayed directly onto the pillow, the gel coating works by recycling the far infrared energy back into the body—a process that has been shown to reduce joint inflammation and increase blood oxygen levels and circulation, thereby promoting muscle relaxation and reducing fatigue. For added comfort, the washable pillow is made from breathable Air Memory foam and comes with a cooling cover. Retailing for $99, the Ceramo is now available in both the US and Canadian markets.

a bold philosophy of sustainability with its new Circular Collection. Looking to find new ways to minimize the mattress industry’s contribution to landfill waste, the company developed an alternative manufacturing process that allows for easier recycling. The line-up is made using a modular design, with layers connected in a reversible manner with no glues or foams. By making a mattress that is fully recyclable, the company is opening up new distribution possibilities as well—including the potential for a sustainable mattress leasing program.

3 Spaldin is promoting

5 The Santa Barbara-

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inspired spa atmosphere

of Ergomotion’s new showroom made a major splash at the winter Las Vegas Market. Showcasing bedroom vignettes that brought together opulence and innovation, the brand’s new ethos is focused on helping consumers cultivate an elevated experience that facilitates restorative rest and rejuvenated relaxation. By merging high-end aesthetics with advanced technology, Ergomotion has integrated adjustable bases into stylish bed frame and headboard sets. Its “Wellness Retreat” collection features four fully upholstered adjustable beds that were designed around consumer testing research. With this new line, Ergomotion is reinventing the way we talk about the adjustable base category.

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majority of mattress sales are made below the $1,000 price point, Corsicana is infusing high-end detailing into this entry-level category. The new Nightsbridge Collection is made with a slew of high-end features, including graphic-infused foams, micro-coils, high-density gel memory foams and high-resilient support foam. By investing in more efficient sourcing and manufacturing practices, Corsicana is able to offer these quality materials at a much more aggressive price point—with the collection retailing for $699 to $999 in queen. Enhancing the more luxurious feel with upscale styling, NightsBridge is a clear differentiator that will stand out to the majority of mattress consumers looking to buy.

2 Understanding that the

4 Brooklyn Bedding’s Bloom Essential Hybrid

combines all the superior pressure point relief of latex with the deep compression support of individually encased coils—while also offering a sustainability story. The mattress is made with Talalay Echo foam, which is derived from a process that repurposes unused fabrication cuts to deliver all the benefits associated with latex, while reducing wastefulness. The new material costs less than a comparable Talalay latex comfort layer—that factor, coupled with the company’s in-house production, equates to a high quality sleep that’s less expensive than most sustainable solutions on the market. Retailing online between $599 for a twin to $1,199 for a California King, the Bloom Essential Hybrid is available in a universal medium comfort level.

8 Sleep Retailer / Spring 2020

6 With a long history of

turning branded ideas

into creative retail experiences, Gorrie helps retailers develop and deliver engaging and high-impact in-store activations. The company offers comprehensive solutions, with a team of designers, engineers, program and project managers, warehousing and distribution specialists, installers and service technicians on board to help with the entire process. From environments and pop-ups to point-of-sale support and store- in-a-box options, Gorrie creates display solutions that fit in with each retailer’s budget, logistics and brand message.

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