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When we began putting together this issue of Sleep Retailer, the threat of COVID-19 seemed far away. Now, as I write this, it has become a global pandemic making a significant impact on nearly every aspect of daily life. And it’s quite possible that, when this issue makes its way into the world, the situation will have changed even more.

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26 Sleep Retailer / Spring 2020

Flexibility is key in times like these, when each day could bring a new and unex- pected need. Are you able to switch your focus if one revenue stream is disrupted? Do you have systems in place that allow you to adjust your operational or produc- tion structure if the situation calls for it? The questions are simple. The answers are anything but. They are the sorts of ques- tions that often get left on the back burner in non-crisis times. It’s hard to focus your energy on developing and test-running contingency plans during your normal day- to-day operations. But as we have all now been reminded, taking the time to devel- op an alternate plan before it is needed makes for a stronger company overall. Here at Sleep Retailer, we have been grateful for the systems and practices we already had in place to adapt to these new conditions, such as remote working. And with robust print and digital platforms, we are still able to safely deliver the news and information our readers need. And so this issue offers a closer look at bedding brands that have already been working to push the industry towards new and exciting directions. In our cover story, we check in with Posh + Lavish—a compa- ny that has found ongoing success by tru- ly setting itself apart from the pack. After carving a niche for itself with a natural lux-

ury story, it is now delivering a whole new level of differentiation with its collection of split-head king and queen mattresses. In this issue’s feature stories, we ex- plored two different ways the industry is evolving with the times. Our Q&A focuses on the shifting role of holiday promotions in today’s mattress retail market and what manufacturers are doing to support their partners on that front. In the Product Fo- cus, we zeroed in on three key software re- sources helping retailers to create a seam- less shopping experience both in-store and online—these companies range from offering POS systems and digital market- ing support to eCommerce solutions and customer review management. While we find ourselves in a time of un- certainty, we know that many people in this industry are doing their part in the pres- ent while looking ahead to the future. And though the nature of the business may change, it will nevertheless continue. We hope that the result will be a smarter, more nimble bedding retail industry, prepared to weather any potential disruption. Thank you to all of our readers and part- ners for your ongoing support. We hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. —Chris Schriever @SleepRetailer

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