2 STORIS With the multi-channel customer journey at its center, STORIS Unified Commerce Solu- tion understands that today’s customer moves seamlessly between all of a retailer’s platforms, including in-store, online and mobile, throughout their path to purchase. As such, the software helps retailers consolidate a wide range of con- sumer and inventory information in one place and in real-time. When onboarding new cus- tomers, STORIS designates a project manager for each client to assist with the transition. From training to consulting and project planning, the project manager guides the process with best practice insights drawn from years of industry tenure. Technical support is available to STORIS clients as part of the partnership and includes extended hours on weekdays. Retailers also get a monthly phone training allotment that they


can use to engage questions and further their capabilities within the system. A detail oriented tool, STORIS ensures that inventory informa- tion—including sizes, attributes and pricing—are all accurate on a retailer’s website and match what the customer sees in-store. The software even allows retailers to note “On Display” for lo-

cal showrooms or showcase “Available Delivery Date” on a product’s page to foster in-store or online conversions. From independent stores to Top 100 operations, STORIS is completely scal- able to serve the needs of retailers of all sizes and is fully focused on the home furnishings and bedding sectors.

3 RWS More than 2,700 independent mattress, fur- niture and appliance retailers trust Retailer Web Services (RWS) with their stores’ digital marketing needs. The company provides its partners with the tools they need to compete— and succeed—in a rapidly changing retail environment upended by the digital age. A champion of small business and the vitality independent retailers bring to communities across America, RWS has built an integrated suite of digital strategy technology. The com- pany’s complete digital suite includes: smart digital advertising (AdRocket), seamless repu- tation management (WebFronts Review) and advanced analytics. It also offers RetailDeck, a sales enablement, mobile-first app to moni- tor the competition, create price quotes, track rebates and print price tags, and WebFronts, a website solution driving ecommerce and in-store visits. With the aim of being trusted advisors, the RWS team takes pride in ensuring

every interaction with retailer customers is de- lightful. Because the company runs countless websites and digital marketing campaigns, they have access to an enormous quantity of data and analytics on consumers’ online shopping


habits. On average, RWS creates over 450 cross-network promotions annually, gathering about 13,600 data points during each—more than 2.4 million pieces of information that RWS uses to continually improve performance.

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