Eclipse International’s New Collection Delivers Luxury Sleep At Affordable Prices By Gretchen Kast

Aiming to further secure its position as the go-to company for affordable luxury mat- tresses, Eclipse International has launched a three-model Chittenden & Eastman Tiffa- ny Collection. The new line features many of the components found in much higher-priced offerings, but is available at more attainable price points. The hand-crafted, hand-tufted collection is made with curated materials including organic New Zealand wool, rich layers of cotton and Talalay latex combined with a high coil count pocketed coil system. “We’ve designed this collection with great thought and care to position them up against some of the most luxurious brands in the industry without the high price tag,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and chief ex-

ecutive officer of Eclipse International. “As internet sales continue to take a bite out of brick-and-mortar dealers’ sales, retailers are looking to maximize every single door swing. These high-style, beautiful beds pro- vide luxury at very competitive prices giving retailers the ability to make a strong margin with limited distribution and stay out of the online race to the bottom.”

The Chittenden & Eastman brand was founded in 1866 by G.M. Todd and H. Bailey. The Tiffany Collection harkens back to the company’s premium branding and emphasis on healthy sleep, bringing together materials like organic wool and 100 percent natural Talalay latex to create a more natural sleep experience. The American-made beds are named in honor of three of the most notable hotels in the United States—the Fairmont, the Wilshire and the Drake —paying homage to Chittenden & Eastman’s early history of selling mattresses to top hotels in the U.S. To give the collection a distinctive look in

retail showrooms, Eclipse draped all the mat- tresses in elegant Belgium damasks featur- ing a soft, rich hand. At 15.5-inches, the Fair- mont is the collection’s top of the line model. Offering luxuriously plush comfort, this model is priced to retail at $3,999 for a queen set. The mattress features layers of Talalay latex, wool, cotton and a double-stacked, pocketed coil-on-coil sleep system. The damask cover is an elegant tone-on-tone, two-inch square design. The Wilshire, with its luxury firm com- fort feel, is crafted with Aurora open-cell foam, the same coil system and is dressed in an ivory and gray striped damask. The Drake features high-density gel foam combined with the pocketed coil system and offers an ultra-firm comfort. Both the Wilshire and the Drake are 14-inch profiles and are priced to retail at $2,999 for a queen set. Visit

“We’ve designed this collection with great thought and care to position them up against some of the most luxurious brands in the industry without the high price tag.” 21

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