Shifman Mattress Partners With Luxury Brand Frette On New Mattress Collection

By Gretchen Kast Shifman Mattress Co. will debut a new mat- tress collection in collaboration with Italian lux- ury linen brand Frette. The Frette x Shifman Mattresses collection features high-quality natural materials and iconic design, crafted using traditional mattress-making techniques by local artisans at the Shifman factory in New Jersey. The new line-up will be offered first in select Bloomingdale’s stores in the U.S. and online at “We are proud of the new exclusive Frette x Shifman collection, which enhances our offer- ing of a unique range of products that embod- ies the ultimate luxury sleeping experience and unmatched comfort to benefit the overall health and wellness of our discerning customers,” said Bill Hammer, president of Shifman. The luxury sleep collection consists of three mattresses handcrafted using high-quality natural materials. Models in the collection are made from premium cotton for all-sea- sons breathability, natural latex for improved spinal support, cashmere and Joma wool, hy- poallergenic comfort layers, and horsehair—a breathable, durable and resilient material that has not been used in Shifman collections be- fore this collaboration. The collection is dressed in cover fabrics

that feature Frette’s iconic Chains motif in an elegant color palette of milk and light beige.

“The long-standing brand equities of integrity, craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and attention-to-detail remain core philosophies of both companies, making our partnership seamless.”

The styling is accented with subtle design ele- ments such as Across, Frette’s universal diag- onal line jacquard, on side handles and the pe- rimeter of pillowtop layers, as well as 22-karat gold corner guards. The plush mattresses have been hand-tuft-

ed with Shifman’s exclusive Sanotuft tech- nique, resulting in a buttonless tuft that elim- inates shifting and bunching. Additionally, the mattresses feature Shifman’s signature two-sided construction, a characteristic spe- cifically designed so the mattress can be flipped for extended comfort and durability. Each mattress in the collection is available with an eight-way hand-tied boxspring with

extra edge support. The Riposo, which means relax in Italian, is a 12-inch cushion firm mat- tress retailing for $8,000. The Benessere, well-being in Italian, is a 13-inch cushion firm pillow-top mattress retailing for $10,000 and is exclusive to Bloomingdale’s. Sogno, Italian for dream, is a 17-inch deluxe pillow top retail- ing for $14,000. “It is an exciting time at Shifman as we

embark on a new collaborative endeavor with like-minded heritage luxury brand, Frette,” said Hammer. “The long-standing brand eq- uities of integrity, craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and attention-to-detail remain core philosophies of both companies, making our partnership seamless. Alone we are incom- parable, but together we are extraordinary.” “We are thrilled to further elevate the sleep

experience through this new product category in partnership with Shifman Mattress Company,” said Filippo Arnaboldi, CEO of Frette. “At Frette, we are proud to offer clients high quality prod- ucts that stand the test of time in terms of style and craftsmanship. When we met with Shifman Mattress Company, we could see there was a connection of a storied history for both brands as well as a shared commitment to crafting the finest products using the best materials. The collaboration felt like a natural evolution as we begin to celebrate our 160th Anniversary.” Visit 23

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