Posh + Lavish offers its retail partners a straight-forward message that combines both a luxury and a natural story—offering mattresses made from high-end yet easily-recognizable materials.

cases 10–20% of their lower end business has disappeared to online retailers. What we see happening now is the luxury category is becoming a business decision, a financial one as much as a merchandising one. Many retailers no longer have a robust $599–799 business and they have to offset that with a bigger ticket to succeed and thrive.” This shift has been evident at Posh + Lav-

ish, which has seen an uptick in its business year after year. Most of the company’s new retail partners are those that have floored a few high-end mattresses in the past, but are now looking to really expand into the true luxury category. With a keen eye for luxury trends, Posh + Lavish has been able to push this segment in smart directions—and offer meaningful new products and programs that actually connect with consumers to help re- tailers maximize their sales. “At the end of the day, we make mattress- es that are latex, wool and cotton,” Ling ex- plains. “There’s not a lot of rocket science behind that. These are materials that people know. For retailers used to selling $1,000 to $2,500 beds to all of a sudden move to $4,000 or $5,000 beds, the mattresses have to be completely different on the in- side—and the story has to be simple. I think when the story is simple, the story gets told.”

12 Sleep Retailer / Spring 2020

Posh + Lavish offers its retail partners a straight-forward

message that combines

both a luxury and a natural story —offering mattresses made from high-end yet easi- ly-recognizable materials. On top of that, all of the company’s products are roll-packed and delivered in boxes. Not only does this fulfillment strategy help retailers with con- venience, it also makes for easy warehous- ing and shipping without any damage to the product. In fact, the compression process takes the first impression out of the mattress and further enhances its durability. Through both market research and indus-

try experience, Posh + Lavish has been able to develop its products to really tap into the needs of today’s luxury consumer. The compa- ny understands that these shoppers are look- ing for more than just high-end materials and stylish detailing; they want to invest in quality, durability and flexibility. They are looking for a fully comprehensive sleep system—and they’re willing to spend a little bit more to get it. “We know the master bedroom has be- come an ever-increasingly important room in the home,” Ling says. “It’s no longer the place that people just sleep or couples have sex. Due to the tremendous growth in adjustable bases, the master bedroom is the place where consumers read, watch TV, relax in zero gravi- ty and even work on their computer. And we

know the higher-end the consumer, the more important the master bedroom oasis is.” A luxurious mattress is the cornerstone of the bedroom —but one of the best ways to elevate this room to a true oasis is with an adjustable base. Today’s adjustable bases of- fer a wide range of benefits, from enhancing sleep to better accommodating all of the other activities consumers do in bed. It is a logical step-up for any luxury customer—and another opportunity for retailers to up their tickets. Of course, the idea of adjustability has to

change when you’re talking with a couple that share a bed. These consumers want their mattress to be flexible to both of their needs and habits, which means allowing both sides of the bed to adjust independently of one another. In the past, the best solution for accommodating that desire was to offer two twin extra-long mattresses pushed together. But while this makes individualized adjust- ability possible, it also creates a new issue: it effectively separates a couple that would prefer to share one bed. This issue came into clear view for Ling

a few years back while he was on vaca- tion on an Alaskan cruise. He and his wife walked into their stateroom and found that their king-size bed was actually two twin ex- tra-longs pushed together. “While it was fine for seven days, we certainly didn’t prefer it,”

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