Magniflex Touts The Benefits Of Vacuum-Packing Mattresses

By Chris Schriever While the popularity of boxed mattresses has grown significantly in recent years, many con- sumers are still unfamiliar with the process and history of compressing a mattress. Far from being a new concept, Magniflex has been vac- uum-packing mattresses for decades; the com- pany’s founder, Giuliani Magni, introduced the very first compressed mattress in 1986. Since then, Magniflex has continued to vacuum-pack all of its mattresses—and continually sees the benefits in doing so.

One of the key benefits of mattress compres- sion is how energy efficient it is. The process of creating and compressing a Magniflex mattress uses about the same amount of electricity as you would use to bake a cake—and there are many other environmental advantages as well. To compress each mattress, the manufacturer passes it under a one-ton press that removes about 90% of the air trapped in both the foam

and the layers of the bed. By compressing the mattresses, Magniflex is able to save on ship- ping space: three compressed mattresses can ship in the same amount of space as one con- ventional mattress.

In addition to the environmental story, vacu-

um-packing also ensures that each Magniflex mattress remains clean and hygienic until it arrives to the consumer. Once each mattress is compressed, it is wrapped tightly in heavy plastic and sealed to ensure it is airtight. When a consumer unseals the plastic surrounding the mattress they are able to hear the air go- ing back inside the mattress, which shows that the mattress has been truly compressed and relieved of excess air since going through the production process. While Magniflex finds the benefits of vac- uum-packing mattresses to far outweigh the negatives, it is important for consumers to understand that there is a difference be-

tween a compressed mattress and a rolled mattress. While this difference may only be a small one to consider in the buying process, it is important for retailers to clearly commu- nicate these key factors to their customers— both in-store and online. Visit

Modway Offers Private-Label Collection Exclusively For Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

By Elaina Hundley At the winter Las Vegas Market, Modway de- buted its first-ever private-label mattress col- lection called Flexhaven. Motivated by its goal to support brick-and-mortar retail by helping retailers better compete with online brands, the company is offering the Flexhaven collec- tion exclusively to in-store retailers. In recent years, Modway noticed the re- currence of competitors selling online while having retail partnerships.

The Modway

team recognized the uphill battle that retail- ers faced as a result of this. “We saw stores partnering with mattress brands that sold the same products online,” said Yonatan Gordon, Director of Product Development. “After see- ing this and asking current accounts for their feedback, we realized the need for a mattress program exclusively for stores.” The Flexhaven program also offers retail- ers a comprehensive marketing package. A

22 Sleep Retailer / Spring 2020

complimentary addition, the package includes a full array of marketing materials created by Modway’s design team to help drive in-store traffic. Included in the package are the graph- ics for a roll-up banner to display in-store, a box sign highlighting Flexhaven’s portability and an overhang banner to suspend above the mattress. It also features an outdoor side- walk sign and a sleek truck wrap graphics. Additionally, when retailers commit to or- dering ten or more Flexhaven mattresses in

the first six months, they receive a Flexhaven mattress for in-store display so customers can feel its luxurious comfort and support. This new program from Modway has no order minimums, and the brand is also offer- ing the convenience of fast drop-shipping. This means that when a store orders a mat- tress before 2 pm, the mattress will ship out that same day from one of Modway’s two warehouses, located strategically on the west and east coast for efficient shipping times. With the Flexhaven lineup, Modway has brought all the conveniences and affordability of an online shopping experience to its retail partners’ stores, where consumers have ample time to try out the high-quality mattresses. The new lineup comes in twin, full, queen and king size all with a 10-inch profile, durable quilted top and ventilated gel-infused memory foam. Visit

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