February 26, 2020 - Lethbridge Sun Times/Shopper - page 5 BEST OF THE BEST

Keeping up with an ever- changing auto industry

Sun Times/Shopper Dave Sulz

technology. That requires those in the business of


repairing automobiles to keep up with the changes. “The industry is continually evolving

and we’re trying to continually evolve with it and stay ahead of the curve,” says Shawn Hammond, co-owner, along with his wife Becky, of Big Al’s Auto Repair. They appear to be succeeding, based on the fact Big Al’s just claimed a fifth- consecutive title as Best Auto Repair Shop in the Sun Times/Shopper’s annual Best of the Best survey. The recognition from the public is appreciated and “we’re super honoured,” says Hammond. It’s an ongoing challenge to keep up as

vehicles become increasing high-tech, requiring mechanics to expand their knowledge of automobile electronics. “We’re constantly doing training and

research so we can be up to date with new car technology,” Hammond says, adding he and his staff are also keeping a close eye on new trends such as hybrids, electric cars and the hydrogen cars he says will be coming in the future. While the auto industry continues to

come out with new wrinkles every year, some drivers, especially in challenging economic times, opt to keep their vehicles longer. “Our economy is a really funny thing,”

s is the case with most areas of modern life, the automobile sector is being constantly changed by advancing

says Hammond. “When the economy is lower, people tend to keep their cars more rather than buy new ones.” Of course, keeping a vehicle longer

requires keeping it in good running condition. The key, says Hammond, is regular maintenance. “If a car is well maintained, you’re

increasing your chances of doing that.” He says the greatest failures he and his

staff see in that regard is lack of regular filter replacement and oil changes. Since most people aren’t

mechanics, they generally rely on a repair shop they can trust to take car of their vehicles. Hammond works to ensure Big Al’s is just such a place. “One of our really core

missions here is to take care of people,” he says. They do that in more ways

than just repairing customers’ vehicles. Big Al’s also conducts

an annual Christmas van give-away which sees the business partner with a community organization each year and “we find a family (families) who could use a hand up,” says the business’s website. They obtain a van or vans through purchase or donation, and, through community support, fill it with groceries and gifts for the family or families. In an effort to continually improve what

they do, the Hammonds are in the process of expanding the shop, which will more than double the size. “We’re always trying to figure out how

to do things better,” says Hammond. Big Al’s Auto Repair is located at 3227 2

Ave. N. Find out more online at

bigalsautorepair.comor phone 403-381- 8288.

Thank You Lethbridge and Southern Alberta

We are honoured to be voted Lethbridges Best of the Best • #1 Building Supply Store (3 years in a row) • #2 Best Window and Door Store • #3 Best Paint Store

Building Thank you Lethbridge for

voting us #1 Best Pub. We are truly honored!

310 6 Street South Lethbridge, AB T1J 2C8 • Canada 

Together Not only is that the slogan for Lealta Building Supplies, it is the driving motivation behind everything the Lealta team does. At

Lealta we are really big on building relationships with our customers, with our suppliers and within the community. This is the unique factor in what we do. As a renovation/ building supplier for everyone from homeowners to contractors, Lealta has a wide variety of products, well- stocked display areas and sample projects in-store for inspiration. But what you see when you walk through the doors is not all you get. Customers looking for a specialty item or some ideas for their project need look no further than Lealta’s helpful team.

Building together 403-328-3031 ■ 240 Stafford Drive North

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