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E-Free donation assists food bank lunch program

Program helps feed children in need

SUBMITTED ARTICLE Mindful Munchies Lunch Program has

Best Bridal Shop 1.Bells and Bows 2.Once Upon a Bride 3.Chantilly Bride

Best Cannabis Store 1.Twenty Four Karats 2.Bridge Bud Supply 3.Tumbleweed

Best Childrens Clothing Store 1.Baby Laurel & Co 2.Childrens Place 3.Rascals

Best Craft Store 1.Michael's

2.Marshall Fabrics 3.The Craft Store

Best Driving School 1.AMA

2.Drivers Edge 3.Leth Driving Academy

Best Florist 1.Blooms

2.BLOOMdiggity 3.Marquis Flower Shop

Best Garden Centre 1.Green Haven

2.Dan's Green Houses 3.Country Blooms

Best Gift Shop 1.Home Hardware 2.Cupper's

3.Josee's Hand Made

Best Grocery Store 1.Costco

2.Save On Foods 3.No Frills

Best Hobby Shop 1.Showcase

2.Model Baron 3.Pirate Cove

Best Hotel / Motel 1.Coast Hotel

2.Sandman Signature 3.Best western Plus

Best Jewellery Store 1.Goldworks 2.Foster & Sons

3.Tompkins Jewellers

Best Liquor Store 1.Petris liquor

2.Wine and Beyond 3.Westminster Liquor

Best Mens Clothing Store 1.Gentlemen Three

2.Mark's Work W'house 3.George Richards

Best Pharmacy 1.London Drugs 2.Shoppers Drug Mart 3.Costco

Best New Business in 2019 1.New Taste of India 2.New Hope YQL

3.Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

VOTED.... & We came out


Fish N’ Chips


Restaurant 905-1st Ave. S

Call (403) 329-3416

joe a

been a recipient of a generous donation of $50,000 from the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge. The Annual Advent Conspiracy

Campaign at E-Free Church encourages the congregation to resist consumerism and redirect some of their Christmas spending towards a significant cause. With the knowledge of Lethbridge's high child poverty rate, the church decided to dedicate their funds to the Mindful Munchies Lunch Program and the Poverty Intervention Fund. The $50,000 donation to the

Lethbridge Food Bank is directed towards improving their current kitchen and enhancing the lunch program. “We are amazed and truly grateful for

such a generous congregation. This act of support shows how much our community believes in investing in our children and youth,” said Maral Kiani

STITCH-A-THON CONTINUED FROM PAGE 36 This event is also a time for people to

donate fabric, yarn and batting. Items can be dropped off at the mall while they are in operation. Sponsorship is also needed. This is a costly project and organizers are hoping people will drop

Tari, executive director with the Lethbridge Food Bank. “This gift will allow us to invest in our current kitchen, creating efficiencies and cutting costs.” Mindful Munchies Lunch Program was

established in 2017 through a partnership between Lethbridge Food Bank and My City Care. The program began by providing students in need nutritional food items to help them succeed in the classroom. The program started with 11 schools and agencies: providing 600 lunches a week. However, within a few months, that number increased to 19 schools: providing approximately 1550 lunches weekly. In the 2018-19 school year, over 52,000 lunches were delivered to children in need in our community. This program works towards preparing

and delivering healthy lunch options to children and youth in need in schools and other agencies. The goal is to ensure healthy food is provided to children and youth to enhance their future. The program is intended to support and boost children's and youth's success as well as investing in their emotional and physical well-being.

by with a cash donations to help cover the costs. This is one of many future events that will be held in the near future. Watch for how you can become involved by following the StitchItForwardLeth Facebook group. For more information about this event

and more, email or visit their website at


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