February 26, 2020 - Lethbridge Sun Times/Shopper - page 35 SUN TIMES/SHOPPER HELOISE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 34

A CHEMIST WOULD KNOW Dear Heloise:Most of the time, glassware

looks like it has a white film on it. It is not a film. Usually the glass has been etched by repeated washings in a dishwasher with strong dishwasher detergent. It is the chemicals in the detergent that

eat away at the glass. The damage is not repairable. If you care about your expensive glassware, wash it by hand. — Denise G., via email P.S. I was a chemist before I retired. A FINE LINER Dear Heloise: I line my refrigerator

shelves with clear plastic wrap. Makes spills and splashes no problem. — Gerri A. in Kansas TECH TIP Dear Readers:When you’re looking for

information online through a search engine, do you notice as you’re typing that words automatically fill in in the drop- down box? For example, you may type: “Is the moon

...” and you will see “full tonight,” “a planet” and even “made of cheese”! These are the most popular previous

questions asked about the moon. This is called “autocomplete.” It’s designed to save time. Click on the words that complete your query. — Heloise P.S. The moon is NOT made of cheese, it’s

pretty safe to say, but people still wonder about it! DOES ANYBODY REALLY KNOW WHAT

TIME IT IS? Dear Heloise: I hardly ever wear a

wristwatch anymore since my phone tells me the time. — Richard E., via email Interesting! Readers, have you given up

your watch? — Heloise STICK IT Dear Heloise:On a daily basis, I dispose

of used insulin needles in an empty margarine/butter container. When it’s full, I

write “NEEDLES” with a marker on the top and place a piece of clear shipping tape around it to securely keep the lid on. The trash men appreciate it. — D.B., via email LIBRARY LADIES Dear Heloise: A reader asked who she

can contact to see if a charity is real or if it’s a scam. This information is readily available online, but not everyone has a computer (especially the elderly, who are often the victims of these scams). Most local libraries have someone who can look up information on the web for you. Just give them a call. — Linda, via email So much wonderful help is available at

the library. Check it out! — Heloise LOGICAL LIST Dear Heloise:My suggestion is directed

to hospitals and hotels: When you provide television listings for your patients or guests, please print them alphabetically by the station name — not numerically. When we want a particular station, we

can look it up easily (alphabetically) to see what channel number we need. This is much easier than having to search through all the names to find the one station we want. — Karen O., Omaha, Neb. GO TO ‘PLACE’ Dear Heloise:This is in response to the

lady asking how to discourage her dog from begging at the table. I have always taught my dogs to go to their “place” when anyone is around the table or even in the dining area. Yes, it might take several times — some

dogs learn faster than others. Lead the dog to the place and wait until your pet sits or lies down, relaxed, then turn and walk away. The dog will follow you many times, but eventually will learn. — Debby in Alabama FRESH OR FROZEN? Dear Heloise: I love eating fruit on my

cereal. Unfortunately, sometimes the fresh fruit goes bad. So I bought frozen blueberries and put some of them in a container in the refrigerator. Each morning after I put my blueberries on my cereal, I refill the container with the blueberries from the freezer for the next morning. Of course this would work for any frozen fruit. — Katie H., The Villages, Fla.

Best Appliance 1.Bakers 2.Costco

3.Fairfield Appliance

Best Bathroom Store 1.The Ensuite

2.Kitchen & Bath Classics 3.Bartle & Gibson Co Ltd

Best Building Supply Store 1.Lealta

2.Home Depot 3.Rona

Best Community / Development 1.Blackwolf

2.Copperwood 3.Uplands

Best Flooring Store 1.Hamilton's 2.Tileworks 3.Floor Right

Best Furniture Store 1.Bowden's Furniture 2.Lakno Furniture 3.Leon's

Best Heating & AC Store 1.KB Heating & Air Conditioning 2.Airtech 3.Kodiak

Best Home Décor Store 1.Home Hardware 2.Grey Goat

3.Decor Out the Door

Best Home Lighting Store 1.Design Lighting 2.Carefree Kitchens 3.Home Depot

Best Kitchen Store 1.Carefree Kitchens 2.Kitchen Centre

3.LA Home Solutions Best Paint Store

1.Freddies Paint & Colour Experts 2.Home Hardware 3.Lealta

Best Sleep Store 1.Sleep Country 2.Leons


Best Window and Door Store 1.Overhead Door 2.Lealta

3.All Weather Windows

Best Antique Store 1.Grandma's Antiques 2. Jasmine Room 3.Urban Prairie


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