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AV News organises Free ISE Webinars

ISE 2020 is a huge event and It is important to ration your time carefully. AV News have organ- ised two webinars to give you essential guides to two of most significant technologies.

ClickShare Conference - wireless conferencing for the workplace

Barco has announced the ex- pansion of the ClickShare family with the introduction of a brand new range of Click- Shares. ClickShare Conference is all about wireless confer- encing and BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), as it allows you to join any type of video con- ference from your own familiar device, whether you are in hud- dle, a meeting room or a board room.

ClickShare Conference works

ferent conferencing solutions in their day-to-day professional life,” says Wim De Bruyne, VP and GM Meeting Experience. “Needless to say, this brings new frictions with challenges to select and start-up one of the conferencing tools, connect the right conferencing hardware and start sharing with the rest of the team. With ClickShare Conference, we bring better collaboration for all meeting participants, and this in any

AV meeting room equipment, ClickShare Conference com- bines the power of Unified Communications with the sim- plicity

of wireless collabora-

tion. Michaël Vanderheeren, Product Management Director, ClickShare, underlines. “Click- Share Conference gives you the choice to use the conference tool that you find most produc- tive and connects you to camer- as, speakerphones, soundbars and other USB-peripherals in the room for a better, more im- mersive meeting experience. Everything

becomes your laptop.”

For example, say you start a remote meeting at your desk, you can simply continue with the immersive experience of a meeting room by plugging in the Conferencing Button. It al- lows that same room to be used with the Unified Communica- tions (UC) platform of choice without the need for changing setup or configuration when switching forms.”

between UC plat-

ClickShare Conference enables users to select the UC solution they prefer, to control their meeting room display and peripherals including their camera right from their laptop.

seamlessly with your video- conferencing software, your camera brand, your laptop, and most importantly, makes remote meeting as intuitive as having a face-to-face meeting. “From our research we’ve discovered that today already 50% of all meetings include remote participants. Moreover, 70% of employees can choose the conferencing solution they want to use, and on average people use no less than 6 dif-

type of meeting room regard- less of the conferencing solu- tion you need to use.” ClickShare Conference intro- duces its own concept of ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’. It offers a solution for the high pressure on IT departments to support different conferencing tools and brings person-centric expe- riences and multi-purpose col- laboration spaces to the work environment. Connecting wirelessly to your

The power of the new Click- Share Conference lies in the freedom to choose: the solution is triple-agnostic. Users decide how they collaborate securely. From whichever device they want to, in any meeting space, while they enjoy all the familiar benefits of the UC or videocon- ferencing tool of their choice and of all AV USB-peripherals available in the room.

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ISE 2020 – issues and solution

ISE 2020 promises solutions to some of the paramount is- sues outstanding in AV. Here, AV News previews the issues and some of the proposed solu- tions.

Philips takes Netflix onto Media Suite TVs

Philips Professional Display Solutions has entered into a new partnership that sees the Netflix streaming service embedded di- rectly into the Philips range of Android-powered, MediaSuite Hospitality and Pro TVs. The ad- dition of Netflix, which has more than 167 million paid member- ships, forms part of a wave of new performance-enhancing feature upgrades coming to both existing and new Media Suite Pro TVs this year.

Manager, commented: “It’s been a pleasure to work togeth- er with Netflix to bring this lat- est feature for MediaSuite into reality and this announcement reaffirms Philips Professional Display Solutions’ commitment to bringing world-first technolo- gies and solutions to the Pro AV market.

“Sales of our MediaSuite Pro TVs have exceeded expectations and proved to be hugely popu- lar among many leading organ-

NovoDisplay collaboration meets digital signage

On show at ISE 2020, Vivitek’s NovoDisplay

is an all-in-one

Netflix will be available on all new Philips MediaSuite TVs, as well as on the new range of Professional TVs due to be unveiled on stand 10-K170 at ISE 2020

Netflix will be available on all new Philips MediaSuite TVs, as well as on the new range of Pro- fessional TVs due to be unveiled on stand 10-K170 at ISE 2020. Access to the streaming service will also be delivered as part of a planned firmware update to existing MediaSuite TVs using the latest Android P software. This can simply be flashed onto a USB and then onto the TV or rolled out across a whole estate using Philips Professional Display Solutions’ CMND server. A new remote control will also be made available to customers, featuring a Netflix button for instant ac- cess.

Jeroen Verhaeghe, TAP INTO BETTER MEETINGS Logitech_Ad_AV_News_TAP_ISE_266x40_1219.indd 1 Product

isations that quickly realise the benefits provided, not just now, but in the future. Most impor- tantly, our customers can be as- sured that, whenever their Me- diaSuite order was placed, this exciting update will be available across existing 6014 and 5014 models, as well as on all new MediaSuite TVs into the future.” Verhaeghe continued: “Our team will continue to work to- wards new features and benefits for MediaSuite to supplement and complement the many apps available from the Google Play Store, YouTube and Chrome- cast, while knowing our updates will keep MediaSuite at the cut- ting-edge well into the future.”

flat screen solution, combining three key functions - a 4K-UHD display, wireless collaboration capabilities and digital signage. Designed for huddle rooms and offices, NovoDisplay transforms conventional group meetings into a meeting format that’s more befitting of the ‘always– on’, digital era, where everyone is encouraged to participate. With its flexibility and rich fea- ture set, the multi-faceted No- voDisplay provides a seamless gateway to effortless wireless in- formation sharing in meetings as well providing a digital message/ announcement board during oth- er office hours. The NovoDisplay delivers true return on invest- ment too, thanks to its reduced set up time and simplified inte- gration. To maximise the value of No- voDisplay, when it’s not being used for meeting purposes, it can easily take on a second role as a digital signage or board to communicate messages – from wayfinding, to ‘Welcome’ messages, news, departmental goals, canteen menus and gener- al information updates – thanks to the built-in NovoDS digital signage solution .

Commenting on the intro- duction of NovoDisplay, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, added: “Following the success of our NovoConnect and NovoDS solutions, it was logical for Vivitek to develop an all-in- one solution which offers all the connectivity and communication features required by many busi- nesses today.”

The direct channel to the industry

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