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Sonoma County, CA. ~ Each day, every day. A new mo- ment...every second. What to do with it? The best we can. New ideas and new thoughts arrive constantly. Sometimes there is a blank. But that is ok. It is the ultimate order... Chaos! But Upbeat Times has to have order. An order of fun, just to balance out the more challenging moments of liv- ing. It's not all fun and games, but the 90% that exists most of the time, is.

I play while I work. I ad-

mit it. I stop every 45 to 55 minutes and take a break and do something I want to do, like prepare a loaf of Sonoma County sourdough bread. Yep, I made a sour dough starter from the natural yeast in the air and it took 17 days. I used flour & water and kept changing out tiny bits of it and added more flour & water. Af- ter the 17 days were up, I had a real starter. Nice & Sour! I was inspired by one of my very good friends from Coos Bay Oregon, Kendra Parry (an out standing baker & chef) af- ter she shared her own starter. But the starter finally gave up its fermentation after 7 years,

and I had to throw it away. We held a private ceremony to commemorate it leaving this world (LOL). A good starter takes nurturing and and lots of love.

The funny part is, it took

me over five years to perfect the making of bread


using my own starter instead of yeast. I could never get it to look like one of my other friends businesses, Franco Amer- ican

but I'm get- ting

Bakery, close!

Franco Ameri- can of Sonoma County is some of the best bread I have had! If you've ever been to LaGare in Santa Rosa, they serve it exclusively with thier incredible meals. Fresh butter or dipped in olive oil & bal- samic vinegar (one of 1000's of ways to enjoy bread, of course!). The other activities I am en-

joying again is art and draw- ing, music and writing songs on the piano, printing custom coffee cups with logos and my own art. Working on these projects get me physically moving around and breaks up the sitting. I mentioned the sour dough starter be- cause it sort of reminds me of this pa- per I produce. I must nurture it consistantly. Making it more enjoy- able each and every time. The art you see here of the cup is one of my watercolors I sublimated on a cup. Sublima-

tion for those of you who

are unfamiliar is the process of burning an image onto a specially designed cup that al- lows a specific ink on special

But what is happiness except the simple

harmony between a

man and the life he leads?

Albert Camus They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong. ~ Ronald Reagan Mon - Friday 11:30-3pm & 4:30-9pm

Sat-Sun -12pm-9pm Santa Rosa location closed on Mondays!

6961 Sebastopol Ave Sebastopol • 707-829-8889

2478 W. Third 3rd St. Santa Rosa • 707-575-9296


paper to stick to it after reach- ing a temperature of over 385 degrees for over 4 minutes. If you want me to print your

logo for you on a cup for your business, I can do it! I will run an ad announcement soon should you want cups made! I am attempting to raise some money to possibly expand the pages of Upbeat! I am also hoping to launch my long project I've been working on regarding my marinades and dry-rubs. Stay tuned. I wish to convey a message

of gratitude and hopes for the new year. I am thankful for the continued opportunity to print this paper and hope that this 2020 year is better than the last. I hope you like the Yearbook addition I've put to- gether for you and I am send- ing sendings positive thoughts to all of you for a great new year and beyond!!

May this issue find you well!

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Facts & Trivia # 1

Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches each and every day.

Moving Forward

The most expensive sandwich ever sold was a grilled toast sandwich that seemed to have an image of the Virgin Mary on the toasted bread which sold for $28,000 in 2004.

The longest sandwich, created in Italy in 2004 was 2081 ft. The largest sandwich ever made weighed 5,440 lbs.

The record for the most sandwiches being made simultaneously was set in New York City by Subway restaurants who had 254 people making sandwiches at the same time. (Source ; Guisnness Tracking)

May 4th is National Hoagie Day.

October 9th is National Grinder, Hoagie, Hero Day.

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