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know what he was doing, so now they were swamped… Now I understood. I paid for a corrected or-

Santa Rosa, CA. ~I enter a new year with thanks, and a PAUSE to refresh, with this tale. It was a chilly, wet, early morning

when I set out to get my flu shot. I confess to having some resent- ment about it. First off, I pay out of pocket and the price increases every year. Also, I mostly get the shot because one of my favorite senior facilities requires it of me --even though I only work two hours a month there. Yes, I know about the evidence that getting vaccinated may pro- tect others from me, as well as me from the herd. Yet, I am not wholly convinced yet. So when I called the pharmacy

to see if there was a line, and the man on the phone said no one was there yet, I went right over. I asked for the least expensive option, even though I am a senior. (No, I don’t have Medicare coverage…) Long story short, forty-five minutes later I was still waiting for the vacci- nation. What was taking them so long? I had though asked for a place to sit, after twenty minutes on my

Our entire paper is strictly for entertainment purposes and nearly 100% positive in nature. From time to time there are a few mistakes, and occasionally a few spelling errors. Also, some of the information/jokes/ facts may or may not be true as well as the sources of informa- tion that are contributed. We can guarantee with certainty

feet. I was in a waiting room that connects to the pharmacy area, and there was a machine that takes blood pressure. I wondered what mine might be, given that I was a bit peeved. The instructions said that 120 and 80 were normal. I strapped my arm in, and waited. My read outs were 125 and 76, and pulse was 77. Hmmmnnnn… Another 15

minutes of waiting and pacing passed be- fore I returned to the pharmacy counter to ask what the problem

was. There was now a long line, but I was sited, and told I’d be next: finally! But no, he’d ordered a se- rum that was thirty dollars higher (for seniors), not the one I asked for. I muttered that I’d not be com- ing back next year. Nearby, filling prescriptions, a lady pharmacist overheard. She hurried over: what was wrong, she asked? I told her, and wondered why I still had no ex- planation (or apology) for the poor service? With a frustrated look, she explained that she was the phar- macist, and her assistant, “the new guy” on his first day of work, didn’t

that we thoroughly check all sources of information. Sum thymes wii allsew mzspell uh bunch uv wurds tu dryve peepull crayzee. Hope u lyk et!!! Just remember not to take life to seriously. For those of you who r critics...our fan base is 99.999% happy!

We mostly hope that after read- ing this paper you might smile

der, and was sent back to the waiting room. There was that blood pressure machine, beckoning me to PAUSE and try again. Could I improve my first scores by using my primary mindful-

ness technique? I strapped back in, stayed present with deep belly breathing. A minute later my re- sults came: 115, 74 and 69. WOW! Just then, the pharmacist came in.

After the injection, we had a very touching moment. She seemed near tears so I gave her a hug, and she gave me one back, and we ended with smiles: a decidedly up- beat ending to that saga! So, my point is that we humans

can turn peevements into upbeat achievements. How? With an in- tentional PAUSE. By consciously using breathing, and leaning into being well --or weller than we were just being. I even got an ac- tual physical read out of how this practice affects my blood pressure, how in just a minute’s time, you can center yourself, “normalize.” I plan to take many opportu-

nities to PAUSE, and refresh body and soul.

May we each

be happy, healthy, safe and up- beat now and throughout 2020.

Shining deLight, Upbeat's DizKlaimurz Marcia

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How is golf like fishing? Both mysteriously encourage exaggeration. -Anonymous January 7th through the 30th

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