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Musical Notes in Sonoma County Feature: MOMOTOMBO SF

by Shekeyna Black ~

ally important, in retrospect, that if you want something bad enough, you just chase it in every direction that it takes you.”

Relatively new, MOMO-

Sonoma County, CA. ~ MO- MOTOMBO SF’s, co-founder and percussionists, Leo Ro- sales, comes from a long line of musicians. He recalls as a youth, “I had the tendency to always pick up something that I could beat on with a stick or my hands or whatever. So, eventually I found that I had a real desire and interest in

music.” Rosales and friends formed bands in high school and “that’s how the love of music turned into a passion.” Rosales who joined the San Francisco based Latin Rock band Malo towards the end of 1971, reflects, “I was still a senior at Balboa High School in San Francisco.” Rosales adds, “I think it’s re-

Upbeat Times at Game of

A lot of the TV series 'Game of Thrones' was filmed in Dubrovnik. I can not say enough good things about our two weeks in Croatia everything was wonderful--even the roads are better than they are in Petaluma, we did not need to drive around a pot hole, even once! :-)) Frank Griffo, Sr. Petaluma, CA ~

Thrones in Dubrovnik Croatia!

TOMBO SF is a 10-piece authentic Latin Rock band featuring former members of Santana and Malo plus, special guest Jorge Santana, brother of Carlos Santana. The name got its genesis from being the “First song on the second al- bum, the Malo ‘Dos’ album,” explains Rosales, who got the advice to add the initials ‘SF’ in order to distinguish the band from other Momotombo references to the volcano in Nicaragua.

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Dance the night away to

the sultry rhythms of MO- MOTOMBO SF at Redwood Cafe in Cotati on Friday, January 24 at 8:30 PM. Or, if you cannot make it to the show, you can catch it on Red- wood Cafe’s Facebook page on the livestream or later on the venue’s video archives. Rosales says, “You can ex- pect very, very high energy of music with great rhythms, great singing, great horn sec- tion and we have some real amazing players that will be there with us.” “Music is an important part of life because I feel that my destiny and my journey…is about music. And from a young child, up until

now, music has always been something that has brought me peace and tranquility and a good sense of self. It’s always built up self-esteem. That’s as they say, my Happy Place. I love performing, I love be-

ing on stage. I love connect- ing, whether it’s five people in the audience or 5000 people in the audience. I feel that I could walk on the stage and look at 10,000 people and make them all my friends because music is such an innate part of my character,” Rosales concludes, “Music is a gift.”

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Happy Hour M-F 4-6:30 pm and ALL DAY SUNDAY (both pubs) Colors are the smiles of nature. ~ Leigh Hunt

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