Editors’ Picks 1 Designed to deliver

high quality feels at a

lower price point, Blu Sleep’s newest mattress line is made with specialty memory and gel foam comfort layers. The new lineup features four distinct models that integrate the brand’s patented ‘Air Pod’ technology zoned support system into the high-density base foam of each mattress. Offered at a competitive starting price-point of $999 in queen, the beds are cut using a special method that also allows them to be adjustable base friendly.

2 The latest in the list of online, direct-to-

consumer brands to open a brick-and-mortar showroom, Saatva is doing things a little differently. Rather than a return to the traditional, Saatva’s new showroom uses subtle and impactful tweaks to highlight the luxuriousness of its products and seamlessly bring the digital experience into its Manhattan location. A combination of soft and inviting aesthetic choices, partitioned mattress vignettes and a hands-off-until-help- is-needed customer service approach all contribute to the showroom’s refreshing vibe.

more than just a new showroom this market. The brand is also introducing an accessory that fits right into what we predict will be a new and emerging product category in 2020—CBD-enhanced sleep products. Malouf’s new zoned Active Dough pillow is infused with CBD oil to relax and soothe the senses. The THC-free pillow will come with a spritzer of CBD oil to keep the pillow’s scent fresh and its users calmed. Malouf is far from the only brand dipping its toes into the CBD trend this market: companies like Therapedic and quite a few others are also unveiling CBD centric products this winter.

3 Malouf is unveiling

As more scientific research confirms the very real connections between sleep and wellness, the mattress industry has begun to focus on how sleep products can offer the support consumers need as they seek to live healthier lives. A brand that has been ahead of the curve in this area is REVERIE. The adjustable base manufacturer really understands how a quality mattress and the proper sleep positioning can deliver better health and increased wellness—and has done the research to back up its claims. Keep an eye out for Reverie’s insightful facts about sleep latency, pain management and more sprinkled throughout this issue!

8 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2020

monitors simply serve as a passive data collector, Customatic’s new SnoreTech monitor uses biometric data to actively solve a problem. Working exclusively in conjunction with the company’s adjustable bases, the system is able to detect any snoring and then automatically adjusts to alleviate it. SnoreTech tracks the sleeper’s heart rate, breathing rate and amount of movement to monitor the snoring—and seamlessly adjusts the head positioning by two degree increments so as to not wake the sleeper. If the snoring continues after adjustment, a three-second pulsating massage may also be triggered.

4 While some sleep

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5 For retailers looking to offer their customers

more flexible financing options, Splitit’s innovative payment solution makes it easy. The program allows customers to pay for their purchases in monthly installment payments with instant approval and no credit check, application or registration required. Splitit recently partnered with companies like ReST and Chili to help streamline the checkout process in-store, online or via mobile device.

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