Product Focus

Sleep Products For The Whole Family

By Elaina Hundley Everybody needs a bed—especially children. In this Product Focus we are honing in on a variety of products for the little ones in our lives. Since children tend to be tinier and more delicate than adults, manufacturers often have to alter product construction and technology to suit smaller frames. Whether offering a fun-sized pillow, a portfolio of crib products to support baby’s development from infant to toddler, or a less cumbersome weighted blanket that’s safe for a young one to use, the following products and the manufacturers that make them can help you serve your pint-sized customers and support the sleep health of entire families.

1 BEDGEAR BEDGEAR takes a thoughtful approach to designing sleep products for little ones, of- fering two distinct products for infants: the Air-X 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress and the Dri-Tec 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress. Like all BEDGEAR adult mattress- es, the brand’s performance crib mattress models each have an Air-X ventilation panel around the perimeter that promotes air flow in, around and throughout the mattress. With a focus on cooling, the Air-X 2-Stage Perfor- mance Crib Mattress features BEDGEAR’s Ver-Tex fabric technology. Inside the mattress is a new dual-sided Air-X breathable cushion that creates maximum air flow on the surface of the bed and can be easily removed and washed. The Dri-Tec 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress features BEDGEAR’s Dri-Tec fabric technology on its cover, to wick away moisture for a drier and more comfortable sleep surface. The dual-sided React special- ty core of the Dri-Tec 2-Stage Performance Crib Mattress is a breathable proprietary foam that won’t trap heat, helping baby stay

16 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2020

cool all night long. Bringing peace-of-mind to parents, both Performance Crib Mattresses are comprised of certified safe materials, as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As the baby grows into a tod- dler, the duality of each Performance Crib Mattress allows them to be flipped from a firmer side for infancy to a less-firm toddler side that offers more responsive support.


2 Naturepedic If you are looking for a safe, chemical and aller- gen free mattress for your little ones, Nature- pedic has you covered. Offering a truly com- prehensive lineup, Naturepedic makes certified organic and non-toxic sleep products for babies and children (and adults). The products it offers that are tailored to babies and toddlers include crib mattresses, children’s mattresses, mini-crib mattresses,

bassinet/cradle pads, changing

pads, protector pads, sheets and pillows. Addi- tionally, Naturepedic’s sister company—Lullaby Earth—makes less expensive crib mattresses that compete with more conventional price points without using questionable chemicals or materials. The brand’s foremost objective is to ensure chemical safety and it has taken extensive measures to do so. Additionally, Na- turepedic and Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are made without potentially allergenic materials like latex or soy. Not just firm in the middle of the mattress, Naturepedic cribs are also firm along all the edges to provide safe physical support for jumping toddlers. Finally, the brand has thoughtfully made all its mattresses seam- less so that they are easy to thoroughly clean.


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