3 PureCare The PureCare Kids collection includes pillows, protectors, sheets and weighted blankets. Since kiddos outgrow everything so quickly, PureCare designed its line of kids pillows to grow with them. Reversible and adjustable, the PureCare Kids pillows allow youngsters to choose from multiple comfort options in one pillow —ensuring that the products can

4 Saatva

Constructed out of layers of padding on top of a very fine high-coil count spring system that al- lows the coils to be offset and open, the Saatva youth mattress is made to contour to a child’s body. Because children experience so much growth and change during the years between toddler and teen, the brand constructed a mat- tress that can grow with them. In consultation with chiropractors and pediatricians, Saatva de- veloped a unique flippable design that provides customized support for younger (3–7 years) as well as older (8–12 years) children. On the 3–7 side, Saatva focused on integrating new tech- nology called surface modified foam (SMT). The foam is anatomically designed with zones of dif- ferent firmness with softer foam at the head and feet. This “posturized” foam layer helps ensure proper spinal alignment for younger children. On the 8–12 side, the brand used the same convoluted foam found in its luxury mattresses. This foam provides optimal support for children who are closer to their adult weights. Made with eco-friendly materials that promote child health, the youth mattress cover is made of hypoaller- genic organic cotton with water resistant pro- tection and its foams are Certi-PUR certified.

continue to support them as their sleep needs change. Creating a cleaner, more hygienic sleep environment for children is so important to their sleep health. As such, PureCare Kids products are not only washable, but are also treated with antimicrobial silver product pro- tection that inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew that causes deterioration, stains and odors.

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6 Serta Offering a full portfolio of kids and baby prod- ucts, Serta manufactures the Perfect Sleeper Kleinmon II and Perfect Sleeper Trelleburg II for children. More specifically for babies, the brand also offers the Serta Tranquility super firm crib and toddler mattress, the Serta Tran- quility Deluxe firm crib and toddler mattress as well as the iComfort Harmony crib and toddler mattress. All of its products are rigorously test- ed for safety, durability and the ability to deliver comfort and support claims. From Serta’s per- spective, comfort and support are essential no matter the sleeper’s age.


5 OMI When designing products for children, OMI’s main focus is on support and spinal alignment. The company’s youth bed and crib mattress are both made with high-density, certified organic latex at their cores—delivering a level of firm- ness that is essential during these developmen- tal years, in addition to incredible support and longevity. The brand also encases its products in a certified organic cotton fabric with certified organic wool quilted inside. Wool helps regulate body temperature naturally by wicking moisture away, allowing for a more controlled sleeping environment. Every aspect of OMI’s products are third-party certified organic to ensure a pur- er sleep experience. Across all its product lines, OMI strives to provide quality sleep without the burden of chemical off-gassing and harmful ex- posure to synthetic materials.

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