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Building A Successful Private Label Program With Diamond Mattress


ith 80 years of experience as an OEM provider, Diamond Mattress has har- nessed its extensive expertise to deliver

superior private label support. The company’s program is an opportunity for retailers to lever- age their own brand and develop an exclusive product assortment that is customized to their specific customer base. When it comes to white label support, Dia- mond is truly a one-stop-shop. Not only does the company do all of its research and design in-house, it also designs and manufactures its own coils, covers, fabrics and foams. After bringing it all together into a unique finished product, the company then provides nation- wide drop-shipping. Diamond also offers an in-house team of sleep experts, for retailers looking for additional sales training, along with a marketing support team to handle any branding and design needs.

Working closely with its private label custom- ers, Diamond develops custom-built mattresses with some of today’s most in-demand features. By making all of its own components in-house, the company is able to offer more innovative models at competitive prices—delivering unique hybrid mattresses with unparalleled value. “We’ve spent many years and dollars re-

searching and vetting vendors for the best materials at the best prices and because we do so much volume we can share that savings with our private label customers,” said Shaun Pennington, president of Diamond Mattress. “We make our beds with these components in the USA, tariff-free and offer fast speed to market with no minimums. We understand how to differentiate product and retail spaces and that helps us to be a powerful partner for pri- vate labelling. We know how to build a high-end looking lineup with cost-effective componentry.”

Diamond’s job isn’t over once the collection is finished either. The company offers ongo- ing support long after the line-up has been finalized—Diamond delivers on-going training and planning for future upgrades to keep the product fresh.

Take a closer look at some of the new component options available to Diamond’s private label partners:

Top Layer: Copper Memory Foam This open-cell memory foam is enhanced using hyper-conductive copper flakes, creating a cradling yet responsive structure that delivers enhanced temperature regulation and optimal support. Leveraging the company’s own resources, it is able to source high-quality copper at a lower cost—making this foam available to retailers at a much more affordable price point. With copper bedding reaching new heights in popularity among consumers, this feature gives retailers the chance to connect with new customers.

Bottom Layer: Dynamic Edge Support Diamond has developed a new coil system with Dynamic Edge Support that provides a rein- forced perimeter and more balanced feel across the bed. With steel edge support, individually wrapped independent coils and firmer springs on each side of the mattress, this system provides undisturbed sleep with no motion transfer. This is a great way to manufacture a cost-effective hybrid mattress that still delivers the high-quality edge support consumers expect. The unique design also allows the mattress to easily be roll-packed and shipped in a box.

Cover: Cool-To-The-Touch Fabrics Temperature regulation continues to be a highly impactful story in the bedding industry today. One of the best ways for retailers to communicate this feature is through cool-to-the-touch fabrics, which give consumers the chance to experience it for themselves. While cooling covers have been primarily reserved for more costly, high-end beds, Diamond has worked tirelessly to source the most effective cooling yarns and ticking at lower price points. Visit

36 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2020

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