Blu Sleep Debuts New Recovery-Promoting Pillow

By Gretchen Kast Blu Sleep has launched a new pillow designed to help the body achieve peak levels of per- formance. Now available in both the US and Canadian markets, the Ceramo pillow is made with a bio ceramic gel coating that utilizes far infrared technology that supports the body’s re- covery and provides numerous health benefits. “We’re always looking for the latest tech- nology to improve sleep and offer something different to our customers,” said Elizabeth Dell’accio, Vice President of Blu Sleep Prod- ucts. “As new innovations in sleep arise, we want to be able to adopt them and integrate them into our products.”

Sprayed directly onto the pillow, the bio ce- ramic gel featured in the Ceramo works by re- turning far infrared energy back into the body. This process has been shown to increase blood oxygen levels, blood circulation and reduce joint

inflammation —all of which promote vitality, mus- cle relaxation and reduction of stress and fa- tigue. The pillow itself is made from Air Memory foam, which offers a plush feel and superior air flow. For additional cooling, it comes with a cov- er made with thermally conductive fibers. Re- tailing for $99, the Ceramo is suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers—and has the added benefit of being machine washable and dryable. Blu Sleep doesn’t just think outside of the

box, it thinks about the box itself. In 2020, the company is transitioning from aluminum coated bags to new, compact boxes. Customers will be drawn to the vibrantly colored design, helping to spark conversation with RSAs while still mini- mizing the display footprint. “We highly value attractive packaging and we believe these newly designed boxes will be eye-catching,” Dell’accio explained. “We also wanted the packaging to be cost effective,

and we’ve brought those two aspects together. We’re looking forward to our packaging bring- ing more buyers to the product, garnering our customers more sales and giving the consum- ers better value.”

Blu Sleep’s state-of-the-art machinery com- presses, rolls and protective wraps each pillow before it is boxed. The new packaging reduces shipping costs, thereby increasing dealer prof- its. Retailers small and large will be able to have more product on the floor, organized in the way it best works for their displays. Visit

The SSA Showroom Spotlights Innovative New Sleep Product Makers

By Chris Schriever The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is brac- ing for another busy winter Las Vegas Market. The association expects this year’s showroom traffic to exceed that of last year’s, which saw more than 550 individual retail buying groups and businesses stop by. Seven of the 34 ex- hibitors are new to the showroom, further ex- panding the selection of sleep technologies and solutions featured within the space. Assured Comfort Hi-Lo Adjustable Beds

will showcase three different adjustable foun- dations. Available in twin, full, queen and split- king size, each model is “Made in the USA” and comes with quiet, remote-control articulation. Cyme Tech, Inc is showing its Stellar Home

Furniture line for the first time. This line includes contemporary Murphy bed and storage prod- ucts designed to help consumers make the most of their home’s square footage. Made of manufactured wood and available in multiple trendy finishes, the Stellar Home Murphy bed

22 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2020

selection and matching storage units fea- ture a modern style —making them an ideal space-saving solution. Lifestyle Comfort is showing its “Easy-Out” bed, which becomes a chair and lifts its occu- pant up and out. It also features a whole-vibrate plate inside the bed. PineTales, Inc prides itself on creating and marketing “America’s finest Buckwheat and Millet Hulls Pillows.” The company designs pil- lows with a modern and distinctive look, made from exclusive fabrics that are not found on any other natural pillows on the market. Slumba Memory Foam Mattresses and

Pillows, known for launching “mattress in a box” in Australia over ten years ago, believes that consumers should be able to obtain comfort and support at an affordable price. Slumba promises its customers “the right fu- sion of support, breathability and alignment,” with pillows made from bamboo-charcoal memory foam. The company has added a lev-

el of cooling relief by wrapping the pillows in a hypo-allergenic ice-fiber cover to regulate the sleeper’s temperature during the night. Tonight Sleep Labs is unveiling its signa- ture 3–1 adjustable pillow. The exclusive fi- ber-filled pillow has varying density and loft to suit every type of sleeper. The company is also featuring memory foam pillows and mattress toppers using copper gel, graphite gel and memory foam with phase change technology. ZBD Bed is introducing a new CBD-in- fused mattress that promotes healing, relax- ation and rest. ZBD products are currently sold exclusively online, but the winter market will mark the company’s introduction to the wholesale market. The SSA Showroom will also feature a wide range of returning exhibitors showcasing new, improved and expanded bedding product lines. Learn more about these companies at now! Visit

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