Gold Bond Unveils New Smart Hybrid Series

By Gretchen Kast Gold Bond has expanded its moderately luxury-priced product offerings with the in- troduction of the new Smart Hybrid Series. Following the success of its Smart Luxury Series, the company’s retail partners began requesting a more competitively priced lux- ury hybrid mattress collection. Gold Bond worked closely with retailers to develop a new product line tailored to consumer needs. The result is this new two-model collection, made with Gold Bond’s signature high-qual-

ity materials and retailing from $2,499 and $2,999 in queen. The Smart Hybrid Series includes two

models: the 3000 and 4000. Both mattress- es feature Leggett & Platt’s Bolsa unit with Quantum Edge support system. The pre-com- pressed coils create a firm surface that makes the mattress more responsive to movement and helps lessen partner disturbance. For op- timal pressure relief, the collection includes 1,057 encased coils and 1,386 nano coils on both sides for more than 3,800 coils.

Aimed at providing a truly luxurious sleep

experience, the series also incorporates 1.8-pound density ultra-cell foam. The 3000 model features gel-infused memory foam with a 13-inch profile, while the 4000 model features protein-free Vytex latex with a 15- inch profile. Shown in a soft white organic quilted cover, each double-sided mattress features a contrast taped edge with a char- coal and black border.

“Our brand has always done well by staying in close touch with our retail partners and it’s important that we deliver products tailored to their needs,” said Robert Naboicheck, presi- dent of Gold Bond. “Consumers are looking to invest in their sleep, and our Smart Hy- brid Series provides them with the best op- tion on the market with its affordable pricing and quality components. We’re committed to giving our retailers a luxurious sleep product that offers the same Gold Bond quality at an unbeatable price.” Visit

Symbol Mattress Expands Its Luxury Line-Up With J. Beckon

By Chris Schriever Symbol Mattress is expanding its high-end offerings with the launch the J. Beckon Col- lection at the winter Las Vegas market. The new two-bed collection was designed to re- define affordable luxury for retailers. “The driving force behind J. Beckon was to develop a product and brand that con- veys luxury while giving our brick and mor- tar retail partners built-in margins they have not seen with this caliber of product,” said Mark Janke, Symbol vice president of prod- uct development. The distinct J. Beckon Collection is con- structed to combine luxury with health and wellness. It features natural Talalay latex, cop- per infused foam, Serene foam, zoned Quan-

30 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2020

tum coils and a premium fabric cover, offered as plush or luxury firm. The retail price ranges from $999 to $1,999 in queen. To further engage retail partners and con- sumers, Symbol has created the J. Beckon brand separate from Symbol—and built its own website with content. The brand experi- ence is aimed at delivering the “RH lifestyle” at more accessible price points. “We recognize that differentiating product has become increasingly difficult and there’s a prevailing race to the bottom,” said Nicole Slinger, vice president of specialty sleep products. “Symbol is focused on giving our retail partners a way to go up, not down, by continuously innovating at every level from product development to branding and mar-

keting to offer higher margins and promote growth for our dealers.” Visit

The amount of time it takes you to fully transition from wakefulness to sleep is known as SLEEP LATENCY. A researcher at Stanford named William C. Dement developed a test to measure sleep latency called the Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT).

Sleep Fact Brought To You By Reverie

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