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COUNTRY MARKET NEWS Buy local... you know it make sense!

Cockermouth Country Market is the place to come to find high- quality home-produced foods, garden produce and crafts. We have a talented ‘lass’ who comes to us once a month. She works in glass, making beautiful items which need to be seen, to be truly appreciated. Some have ‘integrated’ lighting which makes them even nicer.

Visit our Facebook page, to find out which week she will be with us. cockermouthcountrymarket

Rachel McConkey We’re open from 9.00am-12.30pm every Friday

Kate Copeland - Freelance Virtual Assistant Business Support

Flexible Project and Retainer Packages to Support Your Business’ Administrative Tasks, Operations and Logistics 07870653809 Connect with me @TheLakesVA on social

Outsourcing is nothing new but with new technology tools and the growth of internet businesses, virtual assistance can provide you with a set of skills and person power that can work wonders for your business. If you need some flexible business support to help you get the job done, then look no further.

Here to support you and your business to perform more efficiently and effectively, Kate can offer you office management and administration services, event organisation and facilitation and PA services, either remotely or at your place of work. She is also available for office cover to tide you over during periods of staff sickness and leave.

Kate set up The Lakes VA to offer freelance flexible business support to help small businesses become more efficient and grow. She has worked in the public, charity and private sectors, which in turn has given her a wealth of employment experience and skills. She has a wide range of qualifications from BSc Hons degree, NEBOSH National General Certificate, to Social Media and ECDL and RSA Diplomas.

The beauty of using a VA is that the work can be tailored specifically to you or your business needs, on or off site - you’ll only pay for what you need. Drop Kate an email, or give her a call to arrange a time to talk through your requirements. Packages and retainer contracts available. 07870 653 809

INFO@COCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK 

In the Western State of Arizona, where dry means really dry, there is a town, or was a town, that in its day was a booming mining town in a vast area of

mineralogical mayhem. Primarily a silver mining area in the county of Mohave, AZ, Chloride now boasts a grand total of 20 occupied houses, a general store and approx. 300 souls. What is fun is that every house boasts a bit of junk art and there are artful surprises scattered all through the hills in and around Chloride.

People visiting Chloride, or any of the other old mining towns in the west, always think that the remains look so much like a Hollywood movie set and for good reason! Hollywood simply reconstructed many of these old ghost towns for the ‘Western’ movie that was being shot. Barring that, they simply packed up crew, stars and masses of caterers and shot the movie on location. Even so, deep in the psyche of

  Ken and Lynda Dinneen are Lapidary Artists and Rock Hounds

Ken is a Lapidary, Lynda has taught Jewellery Design, Silversmithing and Lapidary Art, as well leading many mining and Rock Hounding tours in and around the western United States.

Ken and Lynda work from their studio on the east flank of the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains in Sisters, Oregon.

"Rain, rain, go away, come again another day".... That is all well and good for the Lake District but here in the American West, we could sure use some of the wet stuff!

movie-goers everywhere is the mental image of what a western town looked like in the days of cowboys and the wild, wild west. Chloride, somewhat frozen in time, does not disappoint.

In the 1870s, a treaty was signed with the Hualapai Indians in the area and suddenly,


Chloride was a boom-town. It was silver chloride that was discovered in the rock around Chloride and when heated, silver chloride turns into silver. Cool!

Wandering the hills around and above Chloride, it takes no time at all to fill a rock- sack with lots of great specimens of local minerals. Just be very careful, many

     

old shafts are still uncovered and open. Very dangerous! Meanwhile, it’s fun to collect turquoise, some with free silver running through it, Burro Creek jasper, banded agates, pyrite, quartz, petrified wood and a plethora of this and that. The area around the town is still managed by the Department of Land

Management and is open for rock hounding and general gathering. It is an oddity, as it is still only a part ghost town but folks are happy to point the way to treasures. So, if you can get away...

Happy Hounding!


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