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mans? The funny part is, if we want to make earth a more pleasant place to live, we need to set aside a huge portion of our personal ideals and try to find more basic common- alities amongst the masses. When those issues are being discussed across our planet that carry anger, the children see these adults interacting this way and might think it is the norm from early on, thus when they

are adults...they

act out the same behaviors. It seems to encourages the cells in our bodies to warp ever so slightly... and maybe not in the healthiest ways.

with harsh rhetoric and sen- sationalism

By bombarding the public we perpetuate

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negativity. Thank goodness I do this paper, if not just for my family, but for all of my friends and for myself! It may just encourage people of all ages to converse and interact a bit more on the gentle side, the natural healthy side of life, or even a little more intelligently. I want to find an investor and or buyer someday that can see the vision as we continue to grow very solidly. In fact, in the last 4 years I've had 3 offers adjacent to Sonoma County ask me if they could start a paper like mine. I've been informed that there

are mild attempts by entrepre- neurs globally that are trying to start a 100% good news style of media. They are wise! We all need it more than we know.

I am communicating this for the health of our commu- nities, people both young and elderly

across planet earth. Encouraging a positive dialect

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Your vision will become l clear only when you can

Carl Jung ook into your own heart. and sharing positive

mation good for all of us. It's what allows us to grow and to make a difference in all we touch and surround ourselves with. I see organizations pop- ping up with major agenda's. Their goal is to make change, but many of them perpetuate hostility even though their in- tentions are genuinely sincere. And, some seem really angry and appear to exasperate the problems that is big news for the traditional news. But we are already all together. We are all basically the same. We eat, sleep, love, laugh and cry. The more and more I read, the more I find that people from the past, centuries, if not 10's of 1000's of years ago were trying to do what I'm trying to do with this paper today. I may not be able to change things, but I am most certainly mak- ing a small dent somewhere! I get so many nice letters from people

all over the world.

They tell me there is nothing like the Upbeat Times any- where in the world. They tell me they share it with many people in their lives because it makes them feel good from cover to cover.

Because of this I have

achieved one of my many goals. And that is to make a positive difference in the world I call home.

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An ancient Babylonian general was once involved in a plot to overthrow the king. His plot included a number of followers in the upper ranks of the army. However, his plot was un- covered, and the king threw him in jail. The king sen- tenced him to death without a trial. However, from the jail he was able to secretly contact his followers to arrange to escape, meet his followers, and attack the king's palace at night. So the night before his scheduled execution, the general man- aged to escape from prison. He fled to a ziggurat several kilometers away, where his followers would meet him. However, the ziggurat was one of several in the area, and he wasn't sure if his cohorts would find the right ziggurat. By this time it was twilight, so he lit a small fire and sent smoke signals to indicate in which structure he was hiding.

However, the king's loyal soldiers saw the smoke coming from the ziggurat, and came to arrest him before he could meet his followers. He was executed later that day.

The moral of the story?

WARNING: The searching general has determined that smoking ziggurats can be extremely hazardous to your stealth.

A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality. ~ John Carmack

May this issue find you well!

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