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Sonoma County, CA. ~ Sonoma County Vinters are finding their groove, and their auction lots continue to expand and better more exciting for consumers. All of these lots are to bene- fit Sonoma County’s larg- est charitable fundraiser. I’m going to just print their press release, since it’s so succinct.

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ The Sonoma County


Foundation and Honorary Co-Chairs Gina Gallo and Christopher Jackson unveiled the complete list of one-of-

2019 Sonoma County Wine Auction Is at It Again with Star-Studded Lots Announced

By Jo Diaz of Gyserville, CA. •

a-kind auction lots available at the 2019 Sonoma County Wine Auction, presented by Visa Signature®. The auction lots are an exclusive way to procure private with

sought-after experiences,

wines, dinners

America’s top chefs, and excursions not typically available to the public. A few examples include: an evening with

celebrated band Lady

Antebellum hosted by Chris- topher and Ariel Jackson of Stonestreet Estate Vineyards, a tour of Northern Italy cu- rated by Gina Gallo and E. & J. Gallo Winery, the ultimate fan experience with San Fran-

cisco 49ers Hall of Famers and iconic vintner Merry Ed- wards, and a stay at Francis Ford Coppola’s private island from The Family Coppola. The live auction will be hosted at La Crema Estate at Saralee’s Vineyard and will be the culmination of a week- end of activities taking place September 19-21. Proceeds from this event support more Sonoma County non-profit organizations than any other local

fundraiser. Over $30 million has been raised since the auction’s inception, mak- ing a direct local impact on education, health and human

services, the envi- ronment, and arts and culture. “As mem- bers of this commu - nity, rais- ing money and giving back has been im- portant to us from the start,” said Gina Gallo, Honorary Co-Chai r, of E. & J. Gallo Win- ery. “I’m al-

ways impressed by the unique and personal auction lots of- fered by Sonoma County’s wineries and growers. It’s also quite touching to see the gen- erosity of the Sonoma County Wine Auction community and their commitment to raising funds and supporting those who truly need it. It is defi- nitely the most fun you can have while raising money!” “Gina and I look forward to welcoming guests to what we hope will be our most suc- cessful auction to date,” said Honorary Co-Chair Christo- pher Jackson of Jackson Fam- ily Wines. “In addition to the incredible auction lots, this year’s Fund-A-Need paddle raise is dedicated to helping build a Boys & Girls Club in one of the most underserved neighborhoods in Sonoma.” Adds Jackson, “this will pro- vide educational services, ex- periences and opportunities that will have a lasting impact on the children and commu- nity for decades to come.”

The 40-lot collection that features GRAMMY-award winning musicians, luxurious travel excursions, extravagant meals prepared by world-class chefs, and rare behind-the- scenes experiences with three major Bay Area sports teams can be explored in advance at www.sonomacountywineauc- Auction lots also in- clude special wine collections featuring large format and rare wines from Sonoma County’s outstanding wineries, perfect for those looking to enhance their cellars.

Aution items such as: • An intimate evening with Grammy Award-winning Lady Antebellum hosted by Christopher and Ariel Jack- son of Stonestreet Estate Vineyards. • A Tour of Northern Italy’s most spectacular cities and remarkable

wineries cu-

rated by Gina Gallo of & J. ...continued on page 26

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