Petaluma, CA. ~ Skip the alcohol, and enjoy the mu- sic! Experience clean

and Northern sober

FUN at this third ever substance- free music festival in

Cal- ifornia. RockSo-

berFest is a safe space for families and all music lov- ers to enjoy music, and will be held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds Gar- denway Lawn and Stage in Petaluma on Saturday, Sep- tember 28th from 3-9pm.

RockSoberFest Returns to Petaluma September 2019!! Weird Facts & Fun Trivia - 3

From Left to Right: John Varn on Keys, Michael Pinkham on Drums, Amber Hines Vocals and percussion, Brian Wilkerson on Bass, Kegan Stedwell on Vocals, Eli Carlton Pearson on Guitar

If you sit quietly with the idea of a substance free music and arts festival, you will see that it’s a great

idea. This idea comes from

five crazy people in recovery. Please join us and hundreds of other

music lovers for

NorCal’s biggest annual fun and sober music fest with top

notch talent in always cool and sunny Sonoma. Join us with your spirit and love for music, good vibes and fellowship! RockSoberFest concert pro-

ducer and promoter Jef frey T rotter has been sober for 23 years, artistic di re c t or of Shake- speare at Sti nson for 20 years, and has long felt the need for a substance free envi- ronment for music festivals. “It


clear that the time had come for a festival created for peo- ple who want to go out and have fun without mind or mood altering substances. We are putting on a wildly fun event where everyone can feel comfortable

knowing they

are with others who are like minded and supportive of up- lifting entertainment.” RockSoberFest is a special opportunity to celebrate the sober lifestyle surrounded by a community of


free music fans. All fellow- ships are welcome! Twelve- step meetings will be held before and after the shows. Several fantastic bands and other performers will get the crowds dancing under the summer sky.

Press contact: Jeffrey Trotter Phone: 415-578-0125

The Clean and Sober Music Festival


com ~ RockSoberFest is working under the umbrella of Shake- speare at Stinson, a California 501C3 nonprofit corporation #2073103 (TIN 91-1928035).


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Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. ~ Einstein

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