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GOLF 101

Where East Meets West

by James Fish •

Tubbs Fire Survivors Seek Help Building Affordable Sewer System

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Tubbs fire survivors from the Larkfield Estates neighbor- hood located north of Santa Rosa

Sonoma County are seeking help from the building com- munity to build an afford- able,

in unincorporated sewer system

The Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water) has released a public bid for constructing the Larkfield Sewer Collection

new neighborhood this


that will provide municipal sewer service (bid located at


to the fire, the 166 homes in the neighborhood were on individual septic systems. Larkfield Estates property owner and fire survivor Gena Jacob stated, "Munic- ipal sewer service allows our neighborhood to rebuild more resilient.

Prior However,

the cost of constructing the sewer system may be too much for some fire survi- vors to afford. That is why our neighborhood is seek- ing the help of our building community to construct the sewer system as affordable as possible and be a part of our rebuild story." Sonoma Water has de- signed the sewer system and has issued a public bid to construct the project. All construction bids are due to Sonoma Water by Septem- ber 17 with construction expected to conclude by September 2020. The cost allocated

served property is estimated to be between $50,000 and $65,000.

to each newly

will be determined based on actual sewer construction

The actual costs ...continued on back page

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Talent alone won’t get you to the other side, but understanding just might. Knowing how to use one’s skills on all terrains can make a difference. In the end,

nothing can teach us more than direct experience itself. So when we are in the game, no matter if we win or lose; it’s important to pay at- tention and be aware of our surroundings. Golf will for- ever be played upon the green grasses of mother-nature; and within that sacred nest of ele- ments a cool breeze wanders like an old gypsy who gives us wings to soar. Shooting a decent score on any golf course is no mean feat. Having a mystical expe- rience on a golf course might feel even better than a hole in one. That’s why golf is a story where east meets west. Numbers, equations and the best laid plans won’t amount to much if we lose our sense of peace and balance. The

connections are there; it might be a white wolf in a golf cart driving by or a strange bobcat lurking on the edge of his can- vas or a red-shouldered hawk spying us from a rooftop. I mean, if the best players in the world know how to use their imaginations

wisely, why

shouldn’t you? Sky isn’t even the limit here but don’t tell that to your wor- thy opponent. Some secrets are best kept under wraps. The Mystery Schools of an- cient

days understood that

teaching and so not just any Jonny Lunch-bucket or Joe Six-pack could show up to the party. Cracking the code takes time, maybe even lifetimes; but once we get it, everything falls into place. The sacred ge- ometries of life can guide us and sinking a thirty foot putt for birdie in a twenty mile-an- hour wind is not really too tall of a mountain to climb. It’s just another place where east meets west.

Last week this west coast drifter rolled back into his east coast roots. Boston, family and friends all were calling and I couldn’t dodge the bul- let. Not that I had any reason to, in fact I love this bridge that joins my east and west. Dad was there watching from the trees. Exeter Golf Club was calling my past into the future and I was ready. The 14th hole, a tight par-5, found me with a tailwind at my back. After a perfect drive of 290 yards I crafted a lovely six-iron to four feet from 192 yards out. I thought I hit a good putt but it started to drift and then a gust of wind out of nowhere pushed it into the hole for an eagle. Just like the golden eagle bringing us back to the sacred nest, Dad; you were that gust of wind.

James “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” ~ Walter Winchell

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