by Paul Andrew Doyle, Founder, Owner, Publisher & Chief delivery guy ~ • 707-494-1767

Sonoma County, CA. ~ I wanted to do a cover story about

how Upbeat Times could help change traditional downbeat news across the planet for the September issue but decided to leave it to my column. You see, this paper isn't just about Sonoma County, it's about the world we live on. Often, when I am talking with potential sponsors, all which I have a great relationships with, they will choose not to publish their promotions in the paper because they believe everything is going to the web and electronic advertising. I am a bit confused because where-ever

I travel in the

world, and where-ever people tell me they've traveled in the world, the first thing they do to find out where to do things, and where and what the com-

munities are like, they pick up a local paper. Some of them send me copies also! Most of the time it is the same old style of politics, and what tragic things happen, but still they pick it up. The local pa- per in a most positive way is the best way to understand, in my humble opinion, what the community is doing, where to eat and where to shop as well as what are some cool local event's they may want to at- tend. I have been asking peo- ple for over 40 years (I have now been in the 'Newspaper ' business that long) what they do when the get to a small town here in the US, or even a huge metropolitan city...and where they get their detailed information?

Small weekly,

monthly and daily newspa- pers!

I personally have all the lat-

est technologies...i.e. I-Phone/ tablet/desktop computer and so on. It allows me to access directions and overall infor- mation

rapidly. Most busi-

nesses cannot afford to adver- tise on the internet, and mostly because there are too many choices and they cant do them all. Type in one word and 4.2 billion links and bits of in- formation pop up! Its hard to choose what make the most sense. Generally, the first busi- ness of researched items are at the top, but you might have to search for another 5 hours to find out what you're looking for. What I like is the fact I can get it immediately, unless there is not internet or wi-fi connectivity. I do turn on a ra- dio if I want music, but I don't like too many commercials so I listen to prerecorded music or books on tape or on-line

from a library. The beauty of the hand held newspaper is... it's always there. No batteries or internet needed! The truth is also, I don't want to read about tragedy in local papers. I don't want bad news all the time. This is why the Upbeat Times, a paper I created for everyone of all ages is needed across the USA and in every community across the globe. There is no tangible benefit (a personal opinion) to publish- ing tragedy, bad news, argu- mentative editorial that only serves the writer/publishers or small groups and a few linked constituents and the agendas they possess. Why enhance and urge negative and derog- atory information that only in- cites negative communicative challenges

and soft battles

on want-to-be intelligent hu- ...continued on page 30

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