Making your partner’s expat assignment your dream come true

Thursday, 19th September 10.30–12.30. Free for FOCUS members, £25 for non-members Moving abroad is exciting and, despite the challenges, can open up a world of opportunities. Join expat and intercultural coach Eva Tarabichi to explore how to make your partner’s expat placement a real chance for your own personal and professional growth. Explore what can get in the way of reaching your own dream when being an expat spouse and how to overcome these hurdles. Learn how to plan your dream project and stay motivated along the way right up until completion so that you can be the best version of yourself and drive your life forward, here in the UK, just as much as anywhere in the world.

The education systems available in the UK

Wednesday, 2nd October 11.00–12:30. Free for FOCUS members, £25 for non-members We are delighted to welcome back Ed Richardson, Director of Education at Keystone Tutors, following excellent feedback last year. Sometimes learning the jargon associated with the multiple education options available in the UK can require an education in itself. Join Ed as he decodes the many opportunities available, from national and international schools as well as British and IB curriculum. Understanding what these differences are is key to choosing the best option for your child.

Your real Brit kit: British language and culture orientation

Thursday, 3rd October 18:30–20:30. Free for FOCUS members and non-members In this practical, interactive seminar, Victoria Rennoldson of Perfect Cuppa English will share her top tips for a quick and easy orientation into 'Britishness’. It’s perfect if you have relocated here in the last 12 months. Explore ways of saying things in British English in common, everyday situations, including when meeting people, or engaging in small talk, properly using the word 'sorry' and how to disagree. Whether you need to navigate common situations, pronounce tricky London places, or cope with very British conversations, then this is the place for you! Grateful to ACS International schools for sponsoring this fun, informative and social evening!

Understanding stress and enhancing resilience during expat life

Monday, 14th October 10.30–12.30. Free for FOCUS members, £25 for non-members The life of an expat, with all its changes and transitions, can be both exciting and stressful. This seminar will focus on understanding the unique stressors and experiences of expat life. Join Dr Marisa Lang, (CPsychol, DClinPsy, PgDip in CBT) – Clinical Psychologist and expat in London, who will help you understand what happens in the mind and body when we get stressed and will describe some cognitive behavioural techniques for managing stress. The aim of this seminar is to help you make the most of your expatriate experience by introducing strategies that can enhance your resilience and boost your confidence in dealing with the challenges of expat life.

34 FOCUS The Magazine September/October 2019


LAPADA Art and Antique Fair

13th to 18th September The LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair in Berkeley Square, Mayfair is this autumn’s must-visit event for sourcing and buying fine art and antiques. Among the exceptional works on offer are furniture, jewellery, carpets, tapestries, antiquities, clocks, ceramics, silver and fine art.

Find your complementary ticket in this issue of FOCUS Magazine.

Welcome breakfast at the Wallace Collection café

Wednesday, 25th September 10.00–11.30. Free for members only

The Wallace Collection café – Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN We look forward to seeing many new and long standing members for a lovely breakfast, kindly sponsored by Greycoat Lumleys, in the beautiful conservatory of the Wallace Collection, in the heart of London. Come along to meet other like- minded expats as well as some of the friendly FOCUS team. Please email us at to reserve your space.

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