Nurseries versus Nannies you decide

Having two working parents is most definitely becoming the norm and with it is comes a demand for excellent professional childcare. It’s one of the most important and emotional deci- sions you will ever make. But which childcare choice is right for your family? Should you choose a day nursery for your child or would they and you benefit more from having a nanny who takes care of your child in your own home?

There really are pros and cons to both sides:

Day Nurseries n Day nurseries provide a great place for your child to socialise and play with other children, which is especially beneficial for an only child.

n Nurseries are filled to the brim with materials you won’t find in every home, from art supplies, toys, outside equipment all the way through to educational games and dress-up outfits.

n Many nurseries provide additional activities such as day trips, specialised visitors and language classes.

n Nurseries are regulated by Ofsted and their staff are expected to have certain certificates and must adhere to certain stan- dards.

n Day-to-day care isn’t provided by one individual so there is less likelihood that you child will become too attached.

n Nurseries have set hours which can be inflexible and often in- volves paying late fines if you need to be late.

n Nurseries don’t generally provide an evening meal, so you have to get you and your little one fed and watered when you arrive home after a long day.

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n Some children do not have the temperament for nurseries and find them overwhelming, noisy and too stimulating.

n Tere is not a one-to-one staff ratio and staff will be caring for a few children at once.

n If your child is sick, they are not allowed to attend nursery which leaves you with a childcare dilemma.

n Nurseries are expensive, especially for the good ones and if you have more than one child you can be looking at a cost of hundreds a day and that’s if you can get a place at the one you want.

Nannies n With a nanny you agree hours and rules that work best for everyone, especially your child.

n You can personalise your child's day, from nap times to what they have for a snack and you have more control over what your child does, when and where he/she does it and who they do it with

n A nanny can give your child more one-to-one attention. n Many children, especially younger ones, prefer a single childcare figure and familiar surroundings and a nanny can offer this.

n You don’t have to get the children ready and up and out in the morning, which is especially beneficially if your child is under the weather. It also means a child-free commute to work

n It is always handy to have someone in your home during the day to answer the door for deliveries or to the plumber and they can even put a casserole in the oven. Plus, many nannies

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