TEN simple ways to reduce your

plastic consumption and save our

beautiful planet

By now we’ve all seen the pictures of the bellies of the whales and birds filled with bottle caps and plastic bags as well as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – some estimates say it may be as big as 15,000,000 square kilometres of trash floating between Hawaii and California.

The problem can seem overwhelming and downright depressing.

Will refusing a straw at a restaurant really help this mess?

I’d like to start with a big resounding YES. Actually, refusing one little straw at a restaurant makes a difference. It makes ALL the difference.

You see, it’s our rubbish that’s in the ocean. It’s not some person on the beach carelessly throwing a bottle into the sea – it’s you and me. We are residents on this beautiful planet and we all carry the weight of caring for it.

What you do matters, and what you do makes a difference. Do not despair.

First, we have Robert Downey Jr on our side, and how can we fail with Iron Man committed to the cause? Google Robert Downey Jr “Footprint Coalition” launching April 2020 for more information and hope!

Second, all it takes is changing small daily habits to literally change the world.

Are you with me? 24 FOCUS The Magazine September/October 2019

Read on for my 10 simple ways to reduce plastic consumption.

water bottles these days to not have one (or 12). I prefer stainless steel and personality. You may not think water bottles can be sexy but I am about to change your mind: just check out www.swellbottle.comand prepare to fall in love.


currently an estimated 8.3 BILLION plastics straws on the world’s beaches right now. How badly do you need it? If you use them regularly, consider stainless steel, bamboo, paper or even wheat. Buy locally from


more bags than you think you need so that there is always a supply in your car, and keep a small compact one in your handbag for the small impulse buys. Best yet, send a message with your bag and help others on their journey to use less plastic with this tote from Global Wake Up:


bagged bananas or loose bananas, I chose loose as wanted to avoid another plastic bag but then it was delivered in a plastic bag anyway! Sigh. The best bet is to take your own mesh bags.

4 5

Cut the cutlery when you order in. If you are having food delivered to your home, there is no need to have them bring

Produce bags. The other day I was ordering the shopping to be delivered to my house and I had the option to choose

Reusable shopping bags. This is becoming easier and easier as laws are changing to ban single-use plastic bags. Buy way

Plastics Straws.As soon as you sit down in the restaurant let your server know you won’t be needing them. There are

Ditch the plastic single-use water bottles.Most don’t end up being recycled. There are also way too many cute reusable

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