Downton Abbey uncovered

Last Christmas, fans of Downton Abbey were rejoicing as a sneaky teaser trailer made its way to cinemas and televisions everywhere. Tat’s right – the long-awaited Downton Abbey movie is going to actually happen and will be released in September 2019. With the new film comes the op- portunity for fans and newbies to take an- other trip back to the Edwardian period where servants are ready with cups of tea and there is drama at both ends of the stairs. In 1971, a series called Upstairs,

Downstairs hit the airwaves for five series (68 episodes) until it ended in 1975. Viewers of the show were taken to the early 1900s for a dramatic glimpse at how life might have been, complete with lots of gossip and intriguing storylines to enter- tain. Although there was an attempt at a revival of this series in 2010, sadly it was overshadowed by another production that used a similar concept. In September 2010, the ITV series

16 FOCUS The Magazine September/October 2019

Downton Abbey graced the televisions of Britain, and made its American debut on Masterpiece Teatre in January 2011. Te response was astounding and the addiction began. Fans flocked to their televisions and DVDs to take in the six series, which in- cluded 52 episodes in total, ending on Christmas Day 2015. It was broadcast in 220 countries and territories and has been viewed by 120 million people worldwide. If you haven’t been part of the Downton fan base, you might want to catch up. Te film is going to reignite the love of all things Edwardian.

The golden pen

What makes this series so intriguing? Let’s start with the writer, Julian Fellowes. An award-winning writer and producer, he brought us Gosford Park, Vanity Fair and Te Young Victoria to name a few of his films. His developments for the stage in- clude Te Wind in the Willows, Mary Poppins the Musical and School of Rock. Te man with the golden pen seems to well on his own, as he only a few collabo- rators to keep the process simple. Fellowes starts the series with an iconic,

historic event: the sinking of the Titanic. Tis tragedy is engrained in everyone’s mind and can focus the timeline to the exact era that he wants us to visit. Te tragedy caused mayhem for the Crawleys, a Yorkshire aristocratic family who now have to struggle to adjust to the idea that another person will inherit all of their swag! His character development gives us delicious people to follow and fall in love

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