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Before you rush into booking at a supper club, here are a few things to consider. While the food is likely to be of a very high standard and will surprise you with its creativity, the people wait- ing on you are likely to be friends of the chef. They may not be professionally trained and you might need to help with little things like passing plates to your neighbour.

Also, while the chefs are professionals, last-minute changes to the guest list and the menu can be quite disruptive. Let the host know about any dietary re- strictions as soon as possible and try to avoid cancellations so they can plan the menu, ingredients and seating accord- ingly. If you’re unsure about anything, just ask. Alcohol policies are a good exam- ple. Most supper clubs don’t have a li- cence so they can’t sell alcohol on the night. Whatever you bring, make sure you offer it to other people at the table, they’re likely to do the same which means you get to sample some drinks as well as food.

Finally, as seats are limited, you’ll find the supper club more sociable if you attend in a pair or small group to avoid domi- nating the table. Remember that meet- ing new people is all part of the fun!

Where to start

So, if you’d like to give supper clubs a try, take a look at www.eatwith.comto dis- cover supper club events near you. Some of my personal favourites in London are:

n The Waterhouse Project: Michelin starred chef Gabriel Waterhouse fo- cuses on seasonal ingredients in a menu that changes monthly

n Uyen Luu: One of the more famous supper clubs, even Jamie Oliver has visited and complimented the food and atmosphere

n Luiz Hara: The Cordon Bleu-trained chef hosts a ‘Nikkei’ supper club which is a fusion between South American and Asian cuisines

n Monograph: A Japanese supper club taking place in an art gallery with Japanese videos played between courses

n UNA: An exclusive South American supper club for 12 people at one large table in the heart of London, over- looking the bustling city

While I have plenty more stories to share, hopefully I have convinced you to seek out and experience a supper club for yourself very soon. Enjoy!

Teresa Mueller works in technology and loves all things to do with food. She can be reached at for any follow up questions. Follow her on Instagram@teresa.mueller

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© Luiz Hara Supper Club

© Luiz Hara Supper Club

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