Let’s talk Smart Meters... I say, they are NOT Smart and they WON’T save you money! Do not get one fitted! The end!

Well no, it’s not the end really... I’m going to go on. Smart meters are the ‘latest’ technology for household electricity and gas supplies. They electronically record your energy use and send this to your supplier. Why are they doing it? Where is the benefit to the consumer? In my opinion, there is no benefit whatsoever.

Most meters being fitted are ‘Smart 1’. They might work with your current utility provider but probably won’t if you change provider. Over half are apparently giving inaccurate readings and some are so badly fitted’ they constitute a fire hazard!

You will get to know how much you are spending on energy at any given moment but how useful is that? If you pay for your energy by Direct Debit, then a smart meter readout is unlikely to make you change your energy habits – particularly when the estimated annual saving with a smart meter is just £11.00!

It gets worse! There are now estimates that if you consider the meter fitting time, the chance it may be dumb, dangerous or inaccurate, the build costs of the meter and the environmental impact, then the overall saving is in fact none whatsoever and could end up costing you. Furthermore, who benefits from knowing the absolute costs of usage and accuracy of billing? I’ll tell you who – the energy supplier.

Jinglis and I pay by Direct Debit and we submit a reading once a quarter. The provider works out our bill, based on that information and the monthly amount we pay changes if we have used more, or less energy than agreed previously. If we have underpaid for three months, the money is sitting in our bank account, not the energy company. More accurate readings plus monitoring mean more accurate billing, which equals energy companies charging you more up front.

The energy companies are using high pressure tactics to persuade customers to accept Smart Meters because the Government told them to offer them and they face fines if they fail to meet the deadline of 2020. There’s a panic on now because it’s not happening quickly enough. The Government is beginning to ask why no-one wants them, why they don’t work and why are there are no benefits for the consumer.

Energy companies are sending emails, making telephone calls and writing letters saying things like: “Your meter is old/failing/obsolete.”

“Our smart meter fitter will be in the area and you need to have yours fitted.”

Resist people, resist!

You are NOT obliged to say yes! Ask the following questions:

Do you guarantee this meter is Smart 2 compatible? How will this meter benefit me? How much money will I save?

Bet they don’t give you a suitable, honest answer – in which case politely ask them not to bother you again.

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Celebrating 30 years in Keswick


“The Soul Must Go On” 3rd July 2019. 7.30 pm SKIDDAW HOTEL KESWICK

£5 at the door or tickets in advance at The Cancer Research Shop, Main St. Keswick

That’s the question that comes under the spotlight in a unique talk which will be taking place in Keswick, at The Skiddaw Hotel on 3rd July at 7.30pm in aid of Cancer Research UK. The talk is the first of a number of events which are being held this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Cancer Research shop opening in Keswick.

Author, Malcolm Thorogood, will take the audience on a ‘spiritual journey’ as he presents six key reasons why he believes our souls must go on. The talk is the result of his lifelong exploration of spirituality that started the very same year that the Keswick Cancer Research shop opened .... a year when he lost his own fourteen-year-old daughter to the disease. Malcolm explained: “I am not trying to influence people to share my beliefs. I just

hope that my first-hand experiences will make people consider that there may be far more to life than we realise.”

His book, The Soul Must Go On, was written to support Cancer Research UK, is available at all their shops throughout the North West and has been endorsed by Gloria Hunniford. Copies signed by the author will be on sale at the event. Entry will be £5.00 on the door but to be sure of a seat, advance tickets can be purchased from the Cancer Research Shop, Main Street, Keswick.

The book can also be purchased at

All proceeds are for the charity. 017687 71207

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