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Are your feet looking and feeling their best for the summer?

Feet are hidden away and forgotten in thick socks, boots and winter shoes. Cockermouth Chiropody/ Podiatry can provide treatments to get your feet looking good and feeling great, so you can be confident in wearing those summer shoes.

Dry, hard skin around the back of your heels can look unsightly when wearing open back sandals and it can become very painful if it cracks. A podiatrist can remove this hard skin easily and advise on which creams to use to prevent reoccurrence (25% urea-based cream such as Ureka or Flexitol).

Endocrine disorders (Diabetes or Thyroid), the menopause or poor circulation can make people more predisposed to dry hard skin/callus which cracks, so it’s worth having a good maintenance routine for feet to prevent problems.

Thickened discoloured toenails are a common problem. It is not necessarily a fungal infection. Nails can become thick, deformed and discoloured due to other reasons; including damage, psoriasis, medication or surgery. People get very embarrassed about the appearance of their toenails.

shop for nutrition What factors gover~ NUTRITION WITH JACKIE ~

n your food shopping?

• cost/offers • convenience • appearance • habit

• cravings/addiction

• smell (especially around the bread!) • calories/fat content

• what family members will eat Shopping is clearly a complex business.

Why do we eat anyway? We think food is just fuel, like petrol for the car. Simple enough - but not the full story. Calories are not all equal (clearly a doughnut is not the same thing as a steak! Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt). They’ve been elevated in importance way beyond what they deserve and can drive us towards bad foods. The impact on your mental and physical abilities affects your whole life, including work, sport and family life.

Your body renews itself all the time, so it needs:

• protein – including all the essential amino acids, not just quantity – to make muscles and chemical messengers

• fats of the right lengths and shapes for your brain and cell membranes

• vitamins and minerals and enzymes to CHURCHES TOGETHER IN COCKERMOUTH AREA WALKING GROUP

If you have an ‘ugly’ nail which is stopping you wearing sandals, we are qualified at Cockermouth Chiropody/Podiatry in the application of medical toenail reconstruction to improve the appearance of ugly toenails. The reconstructed nail looks and feels like a natural nail, is flexible and does not contain any aggressive chemicals which ensures the natural nail and nail bed remains undamaged. The gel used has antifungal properties and is suitable for diabetics.

CTiCA Walking Group at Caldbeck

We recommend that you make an initial appointment with our podiatrist before you embark on your footcare regime, so we can identify any specific issues you may have, run through a routine that suits you and recommend products specifically for you.

Finally, don’t forget to apply sun cream to your feet! Adele and

all the Cockermouth Chiropody & Podiatry staff INFO@THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

Our next walk is at Clesketts near Hallbankgate and Brampton on Saturday 22nd June – a walk of approximately 7 miles to visit the former Forest Head quarrying sites, the RSPB Centre at Stagsike and Talkin Fell summit.

Meet at Clesketts Car Park [NY 588584] at 10.00am or at 8.45am at Christ Church, Cockermouth to car share. Wear appropriate clothing for weather

conditions. It might be muddy in places. Bring a packed lunch.

There are evening walks planned at Maryport on Tuesday the 9th July and Sale Fell on 17th July, both starting at 6.30pm.

Contact Stan Leigh for more details or telephone 01900 828821 or email

ISSUE 432 | 20 JUNE 2019 | 32

support the zillions of chemical reactions going on inside you

Are you getting enough of these good things from your food? Much of today’s population is over-fed but under-nourished. Deficiencies may not be so drastic as to show up as beriberi, scurvy or rickets (although that happens too) but may lead to tiredness, low mood, aches and pains, poor skin, hair and nails. For vibrant health, it’s best to make your choices by prioritising goodness over calories. Invest in your health by buying real food and doing your own cooking.

Eat well, boost your vitality, enjoy your life.

Top tips: choose your food for maximum nutrition.

PS – if you want to know more about how great real food is, come to Real Food Rocks, Brathay, 20th July.

Jackie Wilkinson - Nutrition Coaching 07782 477 364

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