A short while ago, Alan our delivery driver informed us that he was intending to retire. Alan was our first permanent driver when we launched our delivery service in 2009 and the service has grown exponentially since then.

We advertised the vacancy on our Facebook page and made the rather cocky comment that recruitment was quite unusual to us, as nobody ever leaves Allison’s. The following week, we discovered that our dispensing technician Jennifer was also leaving, which left us with egg on our faces!

Between them, Alan and Jennifer had been with us for 27 years and we thank them both for their hard work and wish them both the best of luck for the future.

Our recruitment drive attracted some excellent candidates. It also attracted some candidates who were probably applying from their phones in the pub!

We are delighted to welcome a delivery driver Tony and a dispensing technician Katie. We look forward to having them join our team and hope that our patients welcome them also. They will both be familiar to many patients as Katie grew up in the town and Tony has lived here for a number of years.

YOU’RE FIRED! Some news within the pharmacy community sent shockwaves through its membership. A consultation had begun to see whether apprenticeships could be formed, where after five years, the apprentice became a pharmacist.

Pharmacists currently study for a four-year Masters degree, followed by a year on the job training and two registration exams. It’s hard to believe that I did this isn’t it? In all honesty, I didn’t, as the degree was only three years long when I was a student.

As expected, any profession likes to maintain its standards and doesn’t like to think of others getting in via an ‘easier’ route. My gripe is about whether Alan Sugar has the requisite knowledge to decide whether someone will make a good pharmacist or not.

TAKE CARE! There is a big push for patients to not use precious NHS resources when they could treat the condition themselves. The projected annual savings were put at £136 million. The actual figure was £26 million, which was quite a way off but still a lot, I guess.

A major drug affected by this is paracetamol, with patients buying larger quantities, as their GP will no longer prescribe them for some conditions.

The concept in itself makes sense, but it is important to remember, that because a drug is available to buy, it is not always licensed, or safe to be sold if you have an existing condition.

For example, your GP or consultant may be happy for you to take Ibuprofen if you have high blood pressure or asthma but if you buy them and have an adverse reaction, you will find the leaflet says that you shouldn’t have taken them. This is why we ask questions that no doubt infuriate you, unlike the 12-year old in Poundworld.

PLASTIC FANTASTIC! I have just seen an article on BBC News concerning an issue some patients were having with Boots prescriptions nationally. It appears that the company has decided to dispense a proportion of some branches prescriptions at a ‘hub’ site and get them delivered in to the store for patients to collect. Larger chains seem to be using this method to ease the workload in branch and potentially save costs. The issue patients were up in arms about weren’t concerning potential job losses in the branch as you might expect, but it was because the bags were made of plastic. I try my best to recycle as much as possible, but I don’t think I’d be driven to write expletives on a bag and shove it in a pharmacist’s face because it was made of plastic. This didn’t quite resonate with us, as it’s far more likely that we hand out a prescription in a paper bag and then get asked for a plastic one for it to go in.

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