a person from the audience came to me and told me: “I had never thought about financial comfort zone, but it perfectly describes what happened to me last year. Aſter many years as a trader, I was trading options on the US market and I made an incredible profit of $400.000 in two months. I was the happiest person in the world, and then something started going wrong and I kind of became mad. I continued trading and I managed to lose everything is a short period of time.” He then added something that explained what happened: “Tat was too much money, too fast for me”.

Tis shows that a belief can deeply influence our actions, our emotions, and the results they will generate. Studies have shown that successful traders generally strongly believe that they will have success in trading whatever the difficulties. Tis type of conviction helped many traders recover aſter they had failed and they continued studying and working until they made it.

Let’s see how we can change our beliefs. VALUES

Love. Success. Family. Honesty. Money. Health. Discipline. Tese are all examples of values. Everything that really counts for you can be defined as a value. Values could also be defined as “superior- beliefs”, in other words, beliefs which we consider more important than anything else.

Our values guide our decisions and therefore our destiny. But, exactly like beliefs do, values act as strong filters of

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the information we perceive. Te way we perceive what is around us and our life, depends on the “magnetic energy” of our values.

It is important to know which are our values for both our private and professional life. Living in harmony with our main values creates a state of confidence and internal peace, which only a few people manage to reach. Tat’s why being able to define your own values is fundamental.

Successful people know exactly which are the most important values for them. Some values are more important for us than others. Terefore all of us have a different value scale. It is very important to write down your own value scale and look if some of these values are not contradicting the main values involved in trading, which generally include money, success, career and discipline.

Changing the importance of a value inside the value scale can have strong effects in a person’s

life. Our values

define the way we think, the way we act and the way we feel. In order to change the hierarchy of your values, ask yourself: which should be my values in order to reach the results and destiny I want (and deserve) to obtain? Ask yourself the same question regarding both your life and your trading goals. And see if your values match. In your trading value scale, ask yourself what would happen if you changed the hierarchy level of, for example,

“health and fitness” or

“mastering trading techniques” as one of your main values. Tese are some of the questions which could have a big impact

on your future success.

Exercise 1: Discover your own value scale

Discover which are your current values and place them in order of importance. By analysing your actions/reactions, you will find your own values. Example of values: integrity, love, courage, honesty, excellence, money, career, responsibility, health, etc. Remember, actions

are the values. Choose mirror of your 5 most

important values, answering to the following questions:

- What would I fight for? - What do I really believe in? - Which are the qualities I consider really important? - What would I be ready to sacrifice myself for, or even die for?

Define, which of these values are more important for you. To find the hierarchy, think of which value you would be ready to sacrifice against

other more important

ones. Example: if family is your n.1 value on your value scale, it means that you are ready to sacrifice other important values (such as health, or money) for your family members. This will make you aware that making your family happy is the most important thing for you in life, and therefore it should be what you will be spending more time and effort doing in order to reach happiness and self esteem, because you live in harmony with your own values. This will help you align your objectives in life, with your most important values.

family, our our

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