or those of you out there who have never heard of Andy’s Produce Market; They have been family owned and operated in Sebastopol for 55 years. The unique open-air market is open daily to proudly serve its customers the high- est quality produce and natural foods available at competitive prices. Andy’s is best known for the vast selection of fruits and vegetables; they also offer a won- derful variety of organ- ically grown produce, packaged bulk foods, grocery items, and all-natural health and beauty products. Andy’s is proud to feature lo- cal fine wines and beer, select specialty foods and an impres- sive gourmet cheese section, and fresh deli. In addition to


Andy’s Produce & Market Celebrate 55 Years! Weird Facts & Trivia - 2 by Suzanne Sanders of S2 Advertising located in Sonoma County

their beautiful open-air mar- ket just north of Sebastopol, they supply fresh produce to over 200 local businesses with a Wholesale division.

and working during the sum- mers and weekends. All of the employees are considered family at Andy’s, with a hand- ful who have been there for 25 plus years. Andy and his family believe in the spirit of good business and being part of the community

that sup-

ports them. This year, Andy’s will be celebrating 55 years in Sebastopol. The fam- ily invites you to join them on May 4th for a celebration at their re- tail store. It’s promised to be packed full of

Andy’s five kids and 19 grandchildren all grew up working at the market, where you’ll still see some of them working today. They even have

some great-grandchildren

4th generation helping

fun! There will be giveaways throughout the day, and local vendors sampling their prod- ucts.

Andy’s Produce Market is

located at 1691 Gravenstein Highway, just north of Sebas-

topol. For full details see their ad on page 14.


As a young boy, I was raised on Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm located less than a mile from Andy’s. I knew Andy very well. My parents bought the tree farm in 1965. I can remember the very first days we went there. Always fresh and affordable, raising the five of us kids, my mom loved the place. We saw An- dy’s family grow from that time

on. Andy’s entrepre-

neurial spirit never ceased to amaze me. He always tried new things to offer to the public, and at one time there used to be a nursery at the very same location on high- way 116. It is a very friendly place to visit. You’ll love all the fresh produce. ~ P.A.D.

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of Sugar Cane, Coffee and Beef.

Bread really does tend to land buttered side down when dropped. In 2001, Robert Matthews of Aston University in Birmingham, England, had over 1,000 school children drop almost 10,000 buttered bread slices from table height. 62 per- cent (6,101) slices landed buttered side down.

Brown trout were one of the first types of fish to be farmed and bred - dating back to at least 15th century Europe. Brown trout are originally from Europe, and were brought to America during the 19th century.

The largest brown trout weighed over 40 pounds and was caught in Arkansas on May 9, 1992.

In 2018 U.S. Butter production was more than 433 million pounds.


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