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Spring Has Sprung! S

by Barry O'Meara of Santa Rosa, CA •

pring has sprung and the ground is plump with drought’s end and

over-flowing. The creeks, rivers and ditches have met their max as we wait for sunnier days. With blos- soms blooming and hills radiat- ing with brilliant greens, has


arrived and another home buying season begins. The Feds have said they do

not anticipate raising interest rates for the rest of the year. That is good news, helping keep interest rates low. Lower interest rates give

you more buying power. With a robust housing market, property values are plump with equity. This could be the ideal time to tap that equity, and become a move-up buyer, or just pull some cash

out and

improve where you live. Buy- ing and selling your home is like musical chairs. When you list your home, you are hoping you

can find that perfect replace- ment property, all the escrows align, and close in perfect harmony. The recovery from the 2017 fires continue. As

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’s .

the 2nd year anniversary ap- proaches, some harsh reali- ties become clearer; rebuild or purchase another property. The insurance is beginning to run out and decisions must be made. Many have decided to relocate to more affordable areas, while others are decid- ing to purchase another home rather than re-build.

So, there is high demand and limited supply. With this in mind, we have a market that is sustainable. These are not inflated values based on undocumented income, but values based on sustainable income. We no longer have loans based on stated income, but fully documented in- comes.

The essential points for qualifying for a loan, are keep your credit rating high, docu- menting your assets (no cash), and documenting income. Season cash for two bank statements, without any large deposits, and keep income documented.

If the payment

doesn’t make you lose sleep, good chance you could get into that home with a decent loan.

If you’re diligent about maintaining good credit, the three rules are; pay on time, don’t exceed your limits, and never get your credit pulled needlessly. The last rule is the most important if you are in the process of buying a home or refinancing. Keep in mind the underwriter will also mon- itor your credit till the day the loan funds. The lender is making sure you do not have

Gifts of Spring! ...continued from page 10

carrots, raspberries, blueber- ries or potatoes to name a few? You can grow almost every- thing you are eating. Organic, organic,

organic, need I say

more! Start small and grow diverse collections in each bed, garlic, onions, flowers. Look up companion planting or get a used book to help you mix your garden up. Plant tomatoes with basil, lettuce with chives, cham- omile with cabbage, radishes with carrots all helping each other to grow. Possibilities are endless this time of year! There are vertical gardens, bamboo tripods and more. Try arching a cattle panel for your climbing vegetables to dangle through. Check out Roots and Refuge Farm with detailed instruction on ‘how to’. Western Farm on 7th street carries different widths of 16 ft long panels. You’ll have them for many gar-

some undisclosed debt that could affect your debt-to-in- come ratio, and change your approval. In your initial loan approval, they will always ask for a letter of explanation for any credit inquiries in the prior 90 days. Any inquiries from the application date to the funding date, will require explanation.

In this digital age, informa-

tion is passed faster than the speed of light. Information and misinformation is be- ing spread across the digital world and it is important to know what is being reported. Many credit cards are offer- ing free credit scores that you can monitor on your monthly statements. These scores are “soft” pulls and do not affect your credit rating. If you view these on a regular basis you should be able to manage

dens to come. A must read, A New Gar-

den Ethic, Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future by Benjamin Vogt. It is about how we need native and wild plants in our gardens with nature providing sustenance for our souls. Voght writes with passion convincing us we need a new garden ethic and we must ‘rewild’ ourselves and our gar- dens. Find a helpful copy of Northern California Gardening Month to Month by Katherine Grace Elliot and check out Car- rots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl

your credit and shop for your home with confidence. So, if you are shopping for

your first home or that move- up home, be mindful of who is pulling your credit and be prepared to explain any in- quiries.

Remember, under-

writing is monitoring your credit in the 90 days prior to the date of funding. Pay your bills on time and don’t extend your credit limit beyond 50% of your maximum limit. The credit that the lender is moni- toring is not a “hard” pull, so it should not be affecting your credit score. Stay away from the department store offers, they’re not worth the added stress. Close on your pur- chase before you start filling the household.


No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere. ~ Sheryl Crow

B. O’Meara

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