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people asking if they could get a copy because they are hard to find. Tey are hard to find aſter the first 5-7 days. We have increased circulation and restock during the whole month. If you go to a place where you can normally get a copy call us at 707-494-1767 and we will restock! To me, it is a privilege, and

honor to be in those loca- tions and to have the papers all picked up! Te paper is wanted and much needed! I know it sounds a bit ‘Pollyan- nish’ but personally, to me it’s not. You see, it works for me in my life...and, very well. It is my actual intention to make the world a better place, just like millions of others are attempt- ing to do each and every day despite their current or ongo-

Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden, May 1, 2015. ©2019 Photo by Steve Proctor

cade later to Czechoslovakia. Considered by many one of the outstanding American Film Institute choices on their great, female legends list. Tese days, I greatly admire documentary

excellent film

makers. Tanks to PBS. If you simply Google:


George Harrison,” you may see an exceptional group of mod- ern musicians playing together in a film that was made possi- ble by Olivia Harrison, her son,

and Eric Clapton, the great guitarist, in 2002. It is a gen- uine treasure. Whenever you wish, you can hear wonder- fully, heartwarming versions of a perennial favorite: “I’ll See You in My Dreams.” –Now, that is an eternally grand Spring- time Treat. Far better


tummy ache from eating per- haps too many jellybeans?!?!? Happy Springtime all,

Symphony of the Redwoods ...continued from page 18

well. Bring-a-Parent tickets will be available at Mendo- cino and Fort Bragg schools prior to Symphony concerts. All Symphony of the Red-

woods concerts will be at Cotton Auditorium, 500 N. Harold St, Fort Bragg. Season tickets are available now for $55. Advance single concert tickets are available for $22

online at symphonyofthered-, at Harvest Market in Fort Bragg and Out of This World in Mendocino. Tickets at the door are $25. Attendees ages 18 and under are always free.

For more information, contact 707-946-0898 or With the coming of spring, I am calm again. ~ Gustav Mahler UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • APRIL 2019 • Pg 27

ing adversities. We are stronger than ever!

For near 2 months, I have suf- fered major back pain from a pinched nerve during the pro- duction of this April paper and ended up at the Kaiser Emer- gency room, twice within a 24 hour period, barely able to walk, it was so bad. But, I am back at it again, (no pun intended) designing and lay- ing out this paper, and mak- ing sure it better than the last. Tank you for the many years of support and your reader- ship, it really means a lot to all of us. May the rain, flowers and the sunshine make your day just a bit better!

May this

issue find you well!


Weird Facts & Trivia - 7

In it’s 1897 catalog, Sears Roebuck & Co. advertised a celery nerve tonic for sale.

Heinz was a marketing and advertising pioneer. His company had the largest commercial exhibit at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and in 1900 erected the first electric sign in New York, a 40 foot pickle!

In 1921 advertising man- ager Sam Gale of Wash- burn-Crosby Co. (General Mills) created fictional spokeswoman Betty Crocker so that correspon- dence to housewives could go out with her signature.



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