From the Publisher The Verbal Commut A by Paul Andrew Doyle, Founder, Proprietor & Publisher ~

successful communication. It’s not always easy. Te dynamics of putting words in the proper order and making it so people can understand it, the way I do, is not my personal objective. Te first column of the Verbal Commute appeared 27 years ago in the Windsor Times & News where I managed the advertising department with Gabe Fraire as editor and Man- ager.

Ten publisher of the

Windsor Times and Healdsburg Tribune, was a great guy, Rollie Atkin- son. When I asked him if I could contribute with this column, he said yes. Anything to get people to pick up the paper is a good thing. Plus, it was one of my many dreams to write for a big paper. It wasn’t a big paper but it was a foot in the door! Seven years later I began the

Upbeat Times and I had two feet to run on (not just one foot in the door)! Tis new venue was a golden

opportunity to see how well my thoughts were to be re- ceived. It also challenged me to use my words to express positive views I had about ob- servations of the world we live in and to also inspire people to have a more positive attitude. Not only had it been received

well then, it is still well re- ceived today! I now have peo- ple tell me from time to time that they enjoy reading my column as well as all the other

and handwritten letters that re-affirm that I help people in more ways than I actually know. With over 21 years of publishing this paper and over 40 years in the newspaper business, I have discovered that many of those people are so glad we publish just the good news! Some suffer from depression and some not. Oſten my paper is passed along from a long- time reader to one of their friends or family members who are in dire need from something positive! Tey tell me and how we cheered them up! Also, it ends up that the bulk of the

parts of the Upbeat Times writing teams contributions! Audry Hepburn, a famous

actor once quoted: “For beau- tiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” Tis quote as well as Ben-

jamin Franklin’s quote really impacted my determination to stay on path with the Upbeat Times and always realize there is room for growth. Growth on a personal level leads to sustainable progress. My writ- ten words, how I use them and how I deliver them to you, the reader is very important to me. From time to time I get email’s

“Never memorize

something that you can look up.”

Albert Einstein

people who sub- scribe to our news- paper do not even live in Sonoma County! Just be- cause someone sent

t 55 years of age I am still practicing the art of


ad promotions, and I am very grateful to all of them! What I also find quite fun is

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin them a

copy of Upbeat Times! Of course, that is because I make this paper FREE in over 1000 locations! Sometimes people take extra and send them to family out of state. As most people know, we make our revenues from proprietors we invite to run various display

being invited to speak at var- ious events around Sonoma County, on radio stations such as KZST and others in the past. Oddly enough, people have asked me when they can hear me again on the radio. To me that is a huge compliment and very humbling! I enjoy ra- dio and have been a guest and co-host on the show called ‘Hooked on Oregon’, a 2 hour show that highlights the posi- tive of the great outdoors. Te station is KWRO in Coos Bay, Or- egon. Te station also has nearly a dozen other sta- tions on the West Coast, includ- ing one County.

in Lake Wow!

People want to

hear what I have to say? My words, my philosophy, my contributors words on life and about the good things hap- pening in our world? I am proud to say that my nine de- livery team members are oſten stopped before they make a paper drop off to a store with ...continued on page 27

APRIL 2019 • Pg 3 First Humor

A bellhop passed through the hall of the St. Francis Hotel whistling loudly.

“Young man,” said Manager Woods sternly, “you should know that it is against the rules of this hotel for an employee to whistle while on duty.”

“I am not whistling, sir,” replied the boy, “I’m paging Mrs. Jones’s dog.”

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