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Making One’s Flat Stick A Magic Wand by James Fish •


added to soups. Infrequent

visits to Jenner beach trails al- low collection of huge-leaved stinging nettle, also high in chlorophyll and nutrients, and hopefully pristine red and brown sea veggies. Closer to home, hiking in local regional parks, dead logs sport rows of beautiful turkey tail “mush- room,” a well-studied fungi said to boost immunity. I admit to also nibbling

weeds I can’t ID by name -as instinct and intuition dictate.

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Most golfers have a love/hate re- lationship with their putter. Some days it

is their best

friend, other days it is their worst enemy. Like any inti- mate relationship this one re- quires patience, devotion and constancy. One can’t expect epic results if one spends no time

practicing their

if our flowers or crops or other plants look great upon their blossom. So since a majority of our putts inside of ten feet are not going in, perhaps it becomes time to realign our pre-game

strategies. craft.

There is nothing worse than walking onto a green with a good look at birdie only to three-putt and walk off with a dreaded bogey. Few things in golf bring the blood to boil- ing like the scenario I just de- scribed.

That being said it all comes down to focus. Most golfers don’t spend nearly enough time practicing the two, three and four-foot putts. There is no stress in putting the ten, fifteen and twenty-foot putts because we don’t expect to make those putts but it sure is fun to try. On the other hand, most of us expect to make the short putts and when we don’t we seem puzzled, dejected, re- sentful and bent out of shape. It’s silly to beat oneself up but it’s easy to do when that two- foot putt slides by the hole. So if we truly wish to change that experience we need to have a better pre-game strategy in hand.

Cultivating the soil in one’s

garden might not be sexy, but who can argue with the results


of practicing those putts out- side of the ten-foot radius, let’s start by practicing those putts inside of that range with greater veracity and dedica- tion. Even the best golfers in the world miss the two-footer on occasion, but

they sure

don’t do it too often. Most of those golfers build a circle of six to eight golf balls around a three-foot radius and they practice that putt. So they see that putt from many different sides around the hole and they have a better feel for what to do on those putts. Matching speed or pace with

line is always at a premium. There is much to be said about technique here but one could also say that feel is of equal import. It is hard to teach feel. It is organic and unique to each and every golfer. Common to all though are making sure the length of one’s putter is correct, if a golfer likes more or less scor- ing lines and if the face firm or soft. Those are all things to consider. If you wish to make your flat stick into a magic wand, you have the capacity to do it. My advice is simple. Just do it.

“You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.” ~ Pat Monahan UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • APRIL 2019 • Pg 25 “I’ve lived through some

terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

Mark Twain ...continued from page 23

Have I ever messed up and eaten something bad? Yep, but I’ve also bought things in gro- cery stores that weren’t up to par. And I think with practice, you get very tuned in. Here’s to health, to Earth

Day, and discovering the value of wild edibles –and the medicinal, nutritious weeds in our midst. Shining deLight,

JOKES & Humor #7

Police officer: “Your car is too heavily overloaded. I simply cannot let you continue like that. I’m going to have to take away your driver’s license.” Driver:

“You’re kidding me, right? The license can only weigh one ounce tops!” ~

Insurance clerk: “Where were you born, Sir?” Man: “In the United States.” Insurance clerk: “OK, and which part?” Man: “My entire body.” ~

The police stops a computer hardware engineer: “Your light isn’t working. You have to get off your bike.” IT guy: “I tried that but the light still isn’t working.”


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