SPRING GUIDE #2 HOME&GARDEN Musical Notes in Sonoma County

by Shekeyna Black ~ “W Local Saxophone Extraordinaire

ho brings a violin to a Rock & Roll show?” Musician

Extraordinaire, Al Garth re- calls Volker Strifler asking the question aloud when Garth showed up to a gig with his violin in hand. Garth’s

liest memories of playing music

ear- are

as a 5 year-old child whose parents in- sisted he learn to play violin. In ad- dition to being in great

local bands,

Soul Fuse and the Volker Strifler Band, Garth has a decades-long career performing with some of the great- est bands and mu- sicians of our time; including Loggins and Messina, the Eagles, Glenn Frey, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Dan Fogelberg, Chris Hillman, Poco, Pure Prairie League, the Amazing Rhythm Aces, and many others. Garth loves calling Sonoma

County home for over 25 years. Primarily known as one of the best saxophonists in the music world, Garth has several Gold Records to his name. Destiny seems to hold hands with Al Garth as his life journey seamlessly moved from one musical encounter to another. Garth reminisces, “I went to Ukiah High School with the

Near sisters.” Holly Near went on to become one of the finest female folk singers in our era. A chance encounter living in the same apartment building in L.A. with Kenny Loggins

put together a tour with the hits of the individual mem- bers, Glenn’s hits and Don’s (Henley) hits.” Garth contin- ues, “Glenn loved horns and always had horns and I knew all the parts so, I was a shoe-in for that gig.” Garth’s current proj-

ects include perform- ing with the Staehely Brothers on Friday, April 12 at Cotati’s Redwood Cafe. Look for him and his Soul Fuse bandmates at var- ious outdoor Summer Concerts. Regarding why he likes being in Soul Fuse, Garth says, “Tere are three things: Number 1 is the ma- terial, Number 2 is the quality of the musi- cians and Number 3 is these guys are easy to get along with, fun to be around and even re- hearsals are fun.”

and Jim Messina, back before they were the famous Loggins and Messina duo, led to Garth being one of the first members of that band.

“Somehow, out

of the blue, I got a call from Glenn Frye who was produc- ing LeAnn Rimes at Muscle Shoals and they liked what did so then, I was in Glenn’s band,” Garth recounts. Later, “Glenn asked me to come play with the Eagles. And the reason was not

only were they doing Eagles tunes but, they were going to

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Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and

charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato

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